Trolls World Tour biggest digital debut… Two drama renewals… Kate Beckinsale with 22-year-old… Carole Baskin feels betrayed…and One Direction could potentially be reuniting

Coronavirus put Hollywood on pause, but Universal Studios didn’t want to wait. They stuck with their original plan to release “Trolls World Tour” on April 10 by allowing us to stream it at home. A lot of people complained about the $19.99 price tag for that 48-hour rental window, but it didn’t stop them from ordering it! The movie topped all the charts on Amazon, iTunes, FandangoNow and Redbox on Demand. Universal isn’t releasing any numbers, but they did tell “Deadline” that “Trolls World Tour” did ten times the business of the past record-holder, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” making it the highest-grossing digital title in movie history.

The show we love to make fun of is a HIT!! Ryan Murphy is behind “911” and “911: LoneStar,” and BOTH have been renewed for next season. It turns out these two shows are the top-rated scripted shows on Fox! The president of Fox Entertainment said, “From Los Angeles earthquakes and tsunamis to Texas-sized tornados and bucking broncos, both shows deliver incredible spectacle with strong, identifiable characters you care about week to week. We eagerly look forward to many more thrilling rescues in both series, which help honor this country’s brave first responders, as well as those around the world.”

Kate Beckinsale has a type. Young. Kate is 46 and her new boyfriend is 22, which is just one year older than her daughter Lily. His name is Goody Grace and he’s a Canadian singer/songwriter who moved to LA when he was 17 to pursue his music career. Goody and Kate were first spotted together in January and she started leaving flirty comments on his Instagram in February. On Sunday, they were spotted holding hands as they took a walk in LA.

Carole Baskin says she feels betrayed by Netflix. She says when she allowed camera crews into her wildlife sanctuary five years ago, she thought this project was a documentary that would expose tiger trade cruelty. Instead, “Tiger King” focused on her personal life and the disappearance of her second husband, Don Lewis. Carole told the Tampa Bay Times, “I just feel so angry that people have totally missed the point. And the point is these cubs are being abused and exploited and the public is enabling that.” Her current husband Howard said there’s almost no way to describe this intense feeling of betrayal. Not only that, Carole’s safety is at risk. Carole says she’s scared to leave her house because of all the death threats. She has drones flying over her house and dozens of people loitering at the gates of her sanctuary every day. She’s even had to give up her famous bike rides because people were filming her and screaming at her along the bike route.

Page Six is reporting that One Direction is secretly working on a plan to celebrate their 10th anniversary, which is coming up on July 23. Some of the ideas being tossed around include a TV special and a new single, but their sources say a tour ain’t happening. All five guys are on different record labels now and a source close to one of the guy’s management teams said they’ve got a long way to go and a lot of hurdles to overcome, “but there’s a lot of goodwill between them now and they want to make something happen.” Is one of the “hurdles to overcome” Zayn? It’s interesting to note that Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall have all re-followed Zayn on Twitter. He hasn’t returned the favor.

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