Oprah’s Favorite Things

Kate Gosselin is broke… Amy Robach & TJ Holmes are back… Brooke Shields had a grand mal seizure… Mariah Carey sued again… and Oprah’s favorite things

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She went from “Jon and Kate Plus 8” to “Kate Plus 8” to “Kate Plus Date” where her twins Mady and Cara played matchmaker for mom….and now it’s just “Kate.” All of Kate’s kids have moved out of the house and she is suffering a serious case of empty nest syndrome. Back in 2018, Kate bought a 5-bedroom, one-story house on a lake in Troutman, NC. Mady and Cara are now 23 and after graduating college, they’re both working in NYC. After Kate sent her son Collin off to a military-type boarding school, Jon busted him out and moved Collin in with him. Daughter Hannah chose to live with dad shortly after that. That only left 4 of her sextuplets living at home. But now Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel are all 19 and they’re off at college. That just leaves Kate at the lake, which she could maybe pitch as a reality series. According to “In Touch,” Kate needs the money. A source says she’s living paycheck to paycheck and had to “borrow” $100K from her children’s trust fund “to survive.” When she can’t get the occasional reality gig, this source says Kate stays home and watches a lot of TV. She last showed up on our TVs back in January when she signed up for “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” on Fox. She didn’t make it past the first half hour. Kate collapsed during a 2-mile run and was later taken away in an ambulance after injuring her neck when she jumped backwards out of a helicopter into the ocean. As she was being taken away, Kate was begging paramedics and producers to let her stay, saying “I don’t want to go home! Don’t make me!” In Touch’s source said, “Locals do still sometimes recognize her at the market, but it’s not always positive. Kate continues to get a lot of hate from people. She doesn’t have it so easy.”

Are we ready to hear them speak? Because Amy Robach and TJ Holmes say they are #silentnomore! After their love affair cost them their cushy jobs hosting the third hour of “Good Morning America,” Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are finally making their comeback by launching a new podcast. In a joint Instagram post, there’s a bright and smiley photo of Amy and TJ captioned, “How’s this for instagram official? #silentnomore ‘Amy & T.J. December 5th. Listen on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard. @anyandtjpodcast” In the comments, their former co-worker Lara Spencer posted, “Congrats lady!!!” with praising hands emojis. Former competitor Al Roker commented a simple, “Welcome back” minus any punctuation so we’re not sure about his level of excitement. And Billy Bush — who is no stranger to a potential career-ending scandal — posted “Bravo. Shame works if you let it. Be happy and kick a**. I will download that pod and take it running.”

This gossip story is basically a public service announcement. It’s possible to drink TOO much water, and Brooke Shields found out the hard way. Brooke told “Glamour” magazine that back in September, she was drinking some water while walking down some steps and the people with her noticed she was looking weird. Brooke said she just started walking to the corner for no reason thinking, “Why am I out here?” Then she wandered into a restaurant and as two women she didn’t know were coming up to her, everything went black and Brooke collapsed headfirst into a wall. Brooke continued, “I start having a grand man seizure. It means frothing at the mouth, totally blue, trying to swallow my tongue.” The next thing she remembers, Brooke is being loaded into an ambulance with an oxygen mask covering her nose and mouth, and she looks over and Bradley Freaking Cooper is holding her hand telling her, I’m going to the hospital with you, Brooke.” She said walking into the hospital was like she walked in with Jesus! Doctors told Brooke she had basically flooded her system with too much water which resulted in low sodium levels. She said, “And if you don’t have enough sodium in your blood or urine or your body, you can have a seizure.”

At the stroke of midnight November 1, Mariah Carey posted a video announcing the official start of Christmas season, at least as far as she’s concerned. A vault door opens and we find Mariah is frozen in a solid block of ice with ghouls trying to melt her with hair dryers. Then Mariah sings in her shrillest falsetto, “It’s time!” and the ice shatters. Cut to Mariah dancing in the snow with her twins Moroccan and Monroe to “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” But this may not be the jolliest of Christmases for Mariah. She’s being sued — AGAIN — by two writers who claim she ripped off some music, some lyrics and even the title of their 1989 song! Last year, Andy Stone sued Mariah for $20M over this, but filed to dismiss it in November. This time, Andy is back with Troy Powers and they’re BOTH suing Mariah over the exact same thing for the exact same amount. Back in 1989, a novelty group called Vince Vance and the Valiants had a ballad called “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” sung by Lisa Layne and co-written by Troy and Andy, who played the Vince Vance character. It was re-released in 1993 and landed on the Billboard charts in early 1994. In October of that same year, Mariah released “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and it has played on repeat every year since, earning Mariah millions upon millions of dollars. Andy and Troy say there are too many meaningful commonalities between the melody and lyrical hook of the songs, and now they want their piece of that Christmas pie.

Does this still get people as excited as it did when she gave all of her favorite things away to her studio audience? Ready or not, Oprah Winfrey is out with her 2023 Favorite Things, featuring 112 items that passed the Oprah test. If a small business makes this list, it is LIFE changing, so it’s a really big deal. Everything can be found on Amazon. Oprah promises that not only will we find “terrific presents but also support the people who stepped out on a dream to make those gifts happen.” You’ll find everything from a $12 book about celebrating the wisdom of trees up to a $999 pizza oven, with lots of comfy cozies, tasty nibbles, lotions, potions, electronics and accessories in between. But don’t forget about Goop! Gwyneth Paltrow’s side hustle is out with its Holiday Gift Guide. Goop breaks the gifts down to categories like Gifts Under $100 and Wellness, but we’re all heading straight to that Lover’s Gifts section. It’s not all sexy-time stuff. There are some expensive pajamas, an expensive blanket, and an expensive fondue pot on the list. But there’s also lots of lotions and oils that promise to make you feel things, things that buzz, and jewelry that serves a dual purpose, if you know what I mean…..more than one purpose.


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