Paramedics Called to Charlie Sheen’s House

Katy Perry is not making a song called “1984”… Eminem helps Ed Sheeran… Miranda Cosgrove’s stalker… Fans must choose between One Direction and Zayn Malik… and Paramedics called to Charlie Sheen’s house

So on Monday, I — along with everybody else who went on the internet that morning — believed that Katy Perry had registered a song called “1984” that was going to be a revenge song about Taylor Swift. Well! THAT couldn’t have been more wrong. Katy’s management team says the story is completely false. In fact, the song “1984” WAS registered, but it was by a producer who once worked with Katy. TMZ says Katy had no idea this guy registered the song and that BMI is going to yank it from its registration.

Ed Sheeran credits Eminem for helping him get rid of his stutter. Ed spoke at a fundraiser for the American Institute for Stuttering in NYC Monday night and said that his uncle believed Eminem was the next Bob Dylan, so his dad bought him “The Marshall Mathers LP” when he was only 9 years old. Ed said he learned every word of it by the time he was ten, and it helped him get rid of his stutter.

It’s the dark side of celebrity — stalkers. Miranda Cosgrove’s got sent to a psychiatric hospital, but he was doing so well that doctors gave him a pass to go home and visit his family for a few days. Reportedly, Joshua Stockton went straight to his parents’ home, got on the computer, and started contacting Miranda’s friends, trying to find out anything he could about her. The friends let Miranda know what was going on and she called the police. Now a judge has told Mr. Stockton that he can’t be on social media for the next year. If he slips up, he could go to prison for four years. He is now back in the psych hospital.

One Direction fans are freaking out over having to choose between Zayn Malik and all the rest of One Direction! The nominees for Teen Choice “Male Hottie” have been announced, and they are Justin Bieber, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ryan Guzman, Austin Mahone, One Direction and Zayn!! Little girls all over the world don’t know what to do!! So they’re venting their frustrations on Twitter. One tweeted, “S**t teen choice male hottie nomination is one direction vs zayn malik r u (blanking) kidding me!”

Paramedics were called out to Charlie Sheen’s home Monday night and his reps insist it was simply a case of food poisoning due to bad clams. They said Charlie was given fluids and was back home after a few hours. But a source told that it wasn’t bad clams. The source said that Charlie had been partying harder than usual all weekend and Charlie complained that his heart was racing and his chest hurt. One of his buddies called the local fire department and not 911. The source said that’s because everyone in Charlie’s house has been instructed that they are not to call 911 if there’s a medical emergency because the information would be released with a 911 call.


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