Paris Jackson Believes Michael Jackson Was Murdered

Nude photo hacker sentenced… Ronda Rousey resurfaced… Tim Daly broke BOTH of his legs… Amy Adams and Tom Hanks are NOT nominated… and Paris Jackson believes Michael Jackson was murdered

The Chicago man behind the nude photo hack of Jennifer Lawrence and who hacked the accounts of about 30 other celebrities has been sentenced to 9 months in prison. Edward Majerczyk also has to pay $5700 for the counseling services of one undisclosed celebrity victim had to receive to get over the humiliation. Basically, Edward sent emails to his victims that looked like they came from internet service providers and asked for usernames and passwords.

Ronda Rousey has been laying low since being pummeled by Amanda Nunes. But TMZ Sports says she finally resurfaced at a Las Vegas gun store this past weekend, where she applied for a concealed carry permit. She also spent some time on the shooting range practicing with a Glock 43 9mm pistol.

Tim Daly was trying to get a little time in the slopes at the Sundance Film Festival when things went horribly wrong. He ended up breaking BOTH of his legs in a skiing accident and is scheduled for surgery today. Doctors said it should take him between 6 and 8 weeks to recover, which means the producers of “Madam Secretary” on CBS may need to rewrite his part on the show, which is in production. Tim plays the wife of the Secretary of State, played by Kidd’s crush Tea Leoni.

It turns out Amy Adams and Tom Hanks are NOT nominated for Oscars this year after all. Both of them were listed on the official Oscars website yesterday morning as having lead acting nominations. In fact, I went ahead and reported the news in yesterday’s Showbiz Top 5! But somebody screwed up in a MAJOR way, and now they are profusely apologizing to Amy and Tom for the mistake.

Michael Jackson’s 18-year-old daughter Paris gave a pretty revealing interview to “Rolling Stone.” In it, she talks about how she believes her father was murdered, how she’s dealt with depression, how some of her tattoos are actually covering up the track marks from her drug abuse, and how she’s attempted suicide more than once. Paris also said she’s scared for Justin Bieber. She says she saw him on his recent tour and that “he was tired, going through the motions.” Paris said it reminded her of how her dad was exhausted all the time.


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