Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke of Abuse

Heather Dubrow has left “RHOC”… Chief Keef arrested… Niall Horan dyed his hair… Mischa Barton hospitalized… and Paula Patton accuses Robin Thicke of abuse

Enough is enough for Heather Dubrow. After much deliberation, she has decided to leave “The Real Housewives of Orange County” after five seasons. She said it’s mainly because of her kids. Heather explained on her podcast that her oldest ones are now teenagers and she feels like it should be their decision whether or not their personal lives are exposed on television. Plus, Heather says there are some “interesting opportunities” she wants to explore.

Chief Keef was arrested for robbery and assault after beating up his former music producer, Ramsay Tha Great. Last week, Mr. Tha Great went on Instagram showing his busted up face. He claims he got into an argument with some woman at his house and she called Keef. He says a short time later, Keef and his buddies stormed his house with an AK-47, beat him up, and stole a bunch of stuff, including $1600 in cash and a Rolex. But on Instagram, Ramsay taunted Keef, saying, “If you think you can come inside a person’s house, home invasion, with a gun, and beat ‘em up, and you worth $6 million dollars? You stupid, dude.” He captioned it a picture of his battered face, “See u in court.”

When he was in One Direction, Niall Horan asked Simon Cowell if he could PLEASE dye his hair brown. Simon said no. Well, Niall isn’t in One Direction any more and he can do whatever he wants with his hair. Yes, Niall is now a brunette, which makes him almost unrecognizable. Some of his fans are not handling this very well. One tweeted, “The year is 2017. Facts mean nothing. Niall Horan has brown hair. Tyra Banks is not the host of Top Model. Everything you once knew is a lie.”

Mischa Barton is in the hospital for a mental evaluation after having a breakdown in her back yard yesterday morning. The night before, Mischa celebrated her birthday with some friends and reportedly had a great time. We don’t know what happened between the birthday celebration and the morning after, but Mischa was hanging over the fence of her back yard wearing nothing but a dress shirt and tie, ranting about her mom being a witch, the world ending and Ziggy Stardust. Then she fell back and reportedly shouted “Oh my god, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!” Police officers and firefighters responded to a call for a distressed person and she voluntarily allowed them to take her to the hospital for a mental evaluation. This comes nearly 8 years after Mischa was hospitalized and placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold after an alleged breakdown.

A judge has granted Paula Patton’s request for a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband Robin Thicke. The two of them have been locked in a bitter child custody dispute. As of now, Robin has to stay at least 100 yards away from Paula and her mother, and he is only allowed to have monitored visits with their 6-year-old son, Julian. In the court papers, Paula accuses Robin of physical and emotional abuse, cheating, and drug and alcohol addiction. Paula had claimed that Robin abused their son with excessive spanking and was asking for sole custody. The judge denied that, and that’s when Robin’s attorneys claim that she retaliated by claiming that SHE had been physically abused, as well. They also want us to know that when both Paula and Robin were ordered to take a drug test, Robin agreed. Paula refused. And as far as the cheating, Robin’s lawyers say infidelity has nothing to do with custody.


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