P!nk Went to Wellness Retreat 

Johnny Knoxville’s spoiler… Bruce Willis has new diagnosed… Ryan Seacrest departing… The honeymoon is over… and P!nk went to wellness retreat

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Why do people love to spoil stuff? Sometimes, it’s completely accidental, but other people just LOVE stripping the joy out a surprise reveal. First, Johnny Knoxville may have accidentally revealed where the next “White Lotus” movie will take place. Johnny is good friends with “White Lotus” creator Mike White, and in an interview with “Vulture,” the reporter asked if Johnny would consider joining the third season. SPOILER ALERT!!! Johnny said he and Mike had just been in Tokyo together, and he thinks that’s where the next one will be set. Then he immediately realized he may have messed up and said he might have to call Mike as soon as the interview was over. Now onto a possible spoiler for “Scream 6.” A scene from the movie where the identity of the killer is revealed was leaked on Twitter, and the movie studio has reportedly been working to get the clip scrubbed from online. However, a lot of people believe this maybe have been a publicity stunt and the reveal was fake. The late Wes Craven — who directed the first four “Scream” movies — had a dummy script written for the “Scream 2” and intentionally leaked it to throw people off. Maybe the people behind the new movie are doing the same. We’ll find out when “Scream 6” hits theaters on March 10.

Last year Bruce Willis’ family announced he was stepping away from Hollywood after being diagnosed with aphasia, which affected his ability to process language. Now the family has announced Bruce’s condition has gotten worse. He’s been diagnosed with a form of dementia known as FTD, which stands for frontotemporal dementia. While Alzheimer’s disease generally affects most of the brain, FTC affects the front and sides of the brain. In addition to losing speech or language, FTD can cause unusual or antisocial behavior. As it progresses, patients develop movement disorders, muscle weakness, and trouble swallowing. Bruce’s family said, “While this diagnosis is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis….We know in our hearts that – if he could today — he would want to respond by bringing global attention and a connectedness with those who are also dealing with this debilitating disease…”

Yesterday Ryan Seacrest announced he’s leaving “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Ryan initially signed on for 3 years, but ended up staying six. He’s moving back to LA full time this spring, just before the live shows for “American Idol” begin. Taking Ryan’s place will be Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos.

RadarOnline says Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s marriage is on the rocks, but maybe they just caught the couple on a bad day. Gwen was in the broadcast booth during a NASCAR event in LA and she was bubbly and fun, as usual. But then when she went to sit with Blake in their seats, a source told RadarOnline, “They looked miserable. Things just seemed really tense.” A friend of the couple’s told Radar, “When they started dating, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. But the spark disappeared after their wedding. It seems like they argue constantly now…They’ve even slept in separate bedrooms after particularly bad fights.” WOW! This is their FRIEND???

In a new interview with “Women’s Health,” Pink says she gained 36 pounds during Covid thanks to a combination of hip surgery, double disc replacement in her neck, and constantly baking and eating sourdough bread. But then when Pink tried to lose the weight, nothing was working. She said, “I couldn’t lose weight to save my life! I would work out three hours a day, eat clean, and my metabolism was a dud. I couldn’t get anything started.” So Pink decided to attend a 2-week retreat in Spain where she followed the Kushi diet, an anti-inflammatory diet that consists of vegetables, beans and whole grains. And while the diet doesn’t allow you to drink any liquids during meals, Pink does drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water every morning.


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