Princess Kate Was Seen on Video

The new James Bond… YesJulz violates NDA… Nicki Minaj’s show cancelled… JoJo Siwa teases her rebrand… and Princess Kate was seen on video

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After 15 years, Daniel Craig finally felt he’d done all he could do as 007, and 2021’s No Time To Die was his last hurrah. Even though Sean Connery and Roger Moore starred in more James Bond movies — they each made seen — Daniel held the role the longest, but he only agreed to do five. Either way, whoever takes on this role will be making a long-term commitment. There have been so many names tossed around. Idris Elba reported was very interested. Henry Cavill had auditioned for the part, but lost out to Daniel, so his name was put back in the mix. Theo James’ name was mentioned, but he reportedly feared taking on the role. But now, the Daily Mail said a formal offer has been made to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and sources say he’s expected to sign his contract in the next few days. Reportedly, the script is being written as we speak.

Kanye West is suing a former employee for $8M, accusing her of leaking their exchanged text messages, which violated her NDA. Julianne Goddard is known as YesJulz on social media. Julianne started her career as a party and events planner. In 2014, she got her big break when she threw a party for Lebron James’ collaboration with Sprite and blew up into YesJulz. Kanye hired YesJulz to use her influence to promote his Vultures 1 album. But after news came out that she’d allegedly reached out to Kanye fan accounts asking them to work on a free app, Kanye fired her. He then posted a copy of the lawsuit he filed against YesJulz, saying, “Julianne Goddard has repeatedly, intentionally and grossly violated the terms of her Non-Disclosure Agreement with complainants including publicly disclosing corporate sales figures, social media strategies, text messages with Ye and management, release plans for Vultures album and product designs before release. We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the roll out of Vultures. All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized.” YesJulz responded on Twitter that she never wanted anyone to work for free. She explained, “I wanted to help the fans present their work to Ye. So that he could hire them….” Then she added, “(BLANK) an NDA. Sue me.”

Last night, the doors were set to open at 7pm with Nicki Minaj taking the stage at 9pm. But at precisely 4:06pm, the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans announced on their IG page, “Due to doctor’s orders, Nicki Minaj must reschedule her NOLA show tonight. As Nicki is still sick, our team does not want to run the risk of getting others sick, and Nicki would not be able to give NOLA the show they deserve. We are working diligently to find a new date, so please hold onto your tickets, and we will inform you all soon.” Nicki first started feeling sick three days earlier when she performed at the Rolling Loud music festival in LA. Before she took the stage, Nicki tweeted that she woke up feeling like she had Covid, but thankfully didn’t. However, she still powered through, performing for over an hour. But Nicki still hasn’t posted boo about her missed show in New Orleans, and a lot of Barbz are livid. One posted, “She ain’t just get sick a few hours ago. This should’ve been announced this morning or yesterday.” Another posted, “Nicki will never hear the end of this until she die !!!!!!”

Jojo Siwa is giving us all fair warning. She is now 20 years old and she’s ready to do grown up things. And by “grown up,” she means nasty. She posted on her Instagram, “WARNING — The following content is not made for children and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers. May contain sexual themes, violence, strong language, traumatic scenarios, and flashing lights. Viewer discretion is advised.” That warning came after Jojo flipped us all off with a double bird but before the closeup shot of her booty and her getting close to making out with another girl in what looks like a music video. In a sneak peak of her next single Karma, Jojo sings, “I was a bad girl, I did some bad things…”

FINALLY, we’ve had a Kate Middleton sighting! Or did we…….Yesterday, a lovely gentleman named Nelson Silva happened to be at a farmers market in Windsor and noticed the future King and Queen of England cheerily walking along with the bags filled with fruits and veggies. He immediately whipped out his cell phone to film this footage – which he shared exclusively with The Sun. But it’s interesting that Nelson seems to be the only person who noticed William and Kate. There are dozens of others around them who were completely oblivious to this Royal sighting. Perhaps they didn’t recognize Prince William, who was wearing a baseball cap. But Kate was bopping along with a big smile on her face, wind blowing threw her hair. Yes, she did seem thinner but it was Kate……wasn’t it? Not everyone thinks so. Andy Cohen tweeted, “That ain’t Kate…” And #FakeKate and #KateGate are gaining momentum.


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