Ricky Gervais Roasts Hollywood

Kylie Jenner’s $12,000 Beanie Babies Bear… Charlize Theron hopes for The Bachelor… Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden welcome baby girl… Beyoncé & Jay Z brought their own champagne… and Ricky Gervais roasts Hollywood

Who knew Beanie Babies were still a thing? Justin and Hailey Bieber gathered a bunch of things and put them up for auction to raise money for charity, and one of those things was a big green Beanie Baby bedazzled by an artist named Dan Life. Kylie Jenner had the winning bid of $12K for this thing, but hey! It was for charity! But because of the Kylie factor, Nordstrom sold two more of Dan Life’s bedazzled Princess Diana Beanie Babies the next day. Those also went for $12K each. Dan says he’s got two more left if anybody is interested.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, “The Bachelor” is back tonight. One person who’s super excited about it is Charlize Theron! She posted a photo of herself standing next to a poster advertising the new season with Peter the Pilot that had the headline, “Expect turbulence.” Charlize captioned it, “Turbulence I like.” The next day, Peter responded with his own post, standing in front of one of Charlize’s perfume ads and captioned it, “Turbulence can be fun.” And that’s all he’s got. Despite that, I’ll be watching along with Charlize tonight. She told Access Hollywood at the Golden Globes last night, “I know a good show when I see one…” She doesn’t sound like she’s interested in Peter, though. She said, “I hope he finds the woman of his dreams, but do not let me down! I need some drama, I need some tears. I heard there was an injury. I’m already excited.” She also said that if she was one of the girls climbing out of a limo, her first line to Peter would be, “Your exits are right in front of you and to the side, but you shall not need them.”

Surprise! Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden have a new baby girl! They made the announcement on January 3, but sources say the baby was actually born just before the new year. In the announcement, Cameron said, “We are so happy, blessed and grateful to begin this new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter, Raddix Madden….While we are overjoyed to share this news, we also feel a strong instinct to protect our little one’s privacy, so we won’t be posting pictures or sharing any more details, other than the fact that she is really really cute!! Some would even say RAD.” Cameron and Benji celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on January 5. Raddix is their first child.

While Moët & Chandon was the official champagne of the Golden Globes, Jay-Z and Beyonce ain’t drinking that! Jay and Bey arrived super late to the party, with their bodyguard carrying two bottles of Armand de Brignac Champagne. Jay bought the brand over a year ago and this particular bottle sells for about $760 per bottle. But the couple weren’t toasting to a win last night. Beyonce’s “Spirit” from “The Lion King” was nominated for Best Original Song, but she lost out to Elton John’s “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from “Rocketman.”

Twitter’s reaction to Ricky Gervais as host of the Golden Globes has been extreme. Some are praising him for decimating Hollywood in his opening monologue, calling out celebrities for their hypocrisy. Others are calling Ricky the hypocrite, adding in that he’s also racist and homophobic. This was Ricky’s fifth and — he says — last time hosting, so he went for the jugular. The joke that seems to be getting the most response was when he addressed the celebrities, “You say you’re woke but the companies you work for in China — unbelievable. Apple, Amazon, Disney. If ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent, wouldn’t you?” And because of their hypocrisy, he told advised last night winners not to use their acceptance speech to make political statements. He said, “If you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent, and your God and (BLANK) off.”


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