Rihanna Postpones ‘Anti’ Tour After Grammys 2016 No-Show

Jax Taylor’s plea deal… Kylie Jenner has a Spring/Summer campaign with Puma… Animal rights groups criticize Justin Bieber… Police boycott Beyoncé concert… and Rihanna postpones ‘Anti’ tour

“Vanderpump Rules” fans will appreciate this. Remember when Jax Taylor — whose real name is Jason Michael Cauchi, by the way — was arrested in Honolulu last summer for stealing a pair of sunglasses? He told  the judge yesterday that he’d had too many Mai Tais and made a mistake, but he takes full responsibility for what he did. Jax ended up accepting a plea deal, which means he gets 364 days of probation and if he’s a good boy during that time, his record will be wiped clean. He also has to pay the Sunglass Hut $350, $105 to the crime victim compensation fund, and another $1150 in fees and fines.

Despite Kanye ranting that she’d never model for Puma, tweeting, “1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That’s on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!” Well, Kylie Jenner has indeed signed contract with Puma. She will be the face of their Spring/Summer campaign. Look for the first ads in April.

Justin Bieber says he wants to adopt another monkey, which has animal rights organizations going out of their minds. It’s been almost 3 years since Justin infamously abandoned his monkey Mally in Germany when he didn’t have the proper paperwork. Justin told GQ that he learned his lesson and won’t travel with it anymore, but he wants another monkey! Now the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance is begging Justin, “Please do not repeat this foolish endeavor. It is simply not possible to fulfill the unique needs of your monkey within a private home. It will prove dangerous to both you and your monkey, as well as irresponsible when it comes to your public following.”

The Fraternal Order of Police is vowing to boycott working security at Beyonce’s concert when her Formation tour kicks off in Miami on April 26. And the local union president is calling on police officers at other stops on the tour to do the same. Lt. Javier Ortiz said Beyonce “used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her anti-police message.”

What is up with Rihanna? First she dropped out of the Grammys at the last minute. Her reps says it was under doctor’s orders because she had bronchitis and she could possibly damage her vocal chords. But some are questioning that after sources say she freaked out when she found out Beyonce was presenting and assumed Bey was actually going to do a surprise performance that would overshadow hers. The next night, Rihanna canceled her appearance on James Corden’s show. And now we find out that Rihanna’s opening night, which was supposed to be next Friday in San Diego, has been postponed to March12 in Jacksonville, Florida. And then the following 8 tour stops have been shifted from March to May. In a statement, RiRi’s reps blame production delays.


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