Rita Ora was broken up with on Twitter

Kelly Rowland is having a baby!… Kanye upset that Jay Z and Beyonce skipped wedding… Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams together?… Drama behind the scenes with Tracy Morgan… and Rita Ora broke up with on Twitter

Kelly Rowland is having a baby! She broke the big news on her Instagram, posting a picture of a little pair of baby Jordans next to an adult pair with the caption:  “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy.” Kelly married her manager Tim Witherspoon last month in Costa Rica.

Kris Jenner says the fact that Jay Z and Beyonce skipped the Kimye wedding was the last thing on everyone’s mind on the big day. Oh REALLY…..Because Kanye might not have moved on just yet. The week after his wedding, Kanye performed at the X Games in Austin. Whenever he performed a song that had Jay Z’s name in it, he would skip right over it. For instance, in the song “Cold,” Kanye usually says, “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.” He simply didn’t say the name Jay when he did that line. And when he performed “Blood on the Leaves,” he said, “I don’t give a damn if you use to talk to (this is where he would normally say Jay but didn’t) he with Beyonce…”  Obviously, we have a problem here.

More evidence that Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams are becoming a thing! Even though they’ve been spotted together several times recently, their reps insist it’s all been professional. First they were seen having dinner together at a restaurant in Pittsburgh, but then they went to the a boxing match in NYC together over the weekend. Their people say they’re just doing research for the movie “Southpaw,” which is about boxing. But don’t let the truth spoil this for us!

Drama behind the scenes as Tracy Morgan continues to recover from a serious traffic accident. His estranged mother, Alicia Warden, said she had to find out about the accident on the news and when tried to visit her son in the hospital on Saturday, she was turned away by Tracy’s fiancee. A couple of years ago, Tracy’s mom went to the press to say she was facing foreclosure and was getting no help from her famous son. Tracy responded by saying he hadn’t seen his mother in ELEVEN years!! He said he preferred to keep the reasons why private.

Sources say Rita Ora was floored when Calvin Harris announced their breakup on Twitter. She was under the impression that they were still together!! According to the Sun, the couple had been arguing for several months. Calvin is very private and reportedly didn’t care for the attention Rita brought on their relationship. Plus, he got tired of her constant flirtations with other men. So while she they were working on things, he was having her things moved out of his home in LA and dumping her on Twitter!


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