“Dancing With the Stars” elimination… More on Joan Rivers’ death… Floyd Mayweather’s cruddy tip… Beyonce and Jay Z’s dramatic turn… and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcome their first child

SPOILER ALERT:  Being the first one kicked off “Dancing With the Stars” is the WORST!! And this season that honor goes to Lolo Jones. And she can’t stop beating herself up over it. After her elimination, Lolo told “People” magazine, “There have been three times where I have come so close to an Olympic medal and every time those things happen, people tease me, saying, ‘You are a failure in the spotlight.’ When that dance happened and I had that moment, I was like, ‘Here it goes again. Now everybody is going to say I’m a bad dancer.'” Yep! That’s what we all said!

A source told CNN that Joan Rivers went into cardiac arrest after her personal doctor performed a biopsy on her vocal chords without her consent. But before things took a tragic turn, a staff member told investigators that the doctor took a selfie with Joan when she was passed out on anesthesia. RadarOnline.com is reporting that Melissa Rivers is preparing to sue.

A waitress at Rehab at the Hard Rock in Vegas says Floyd Mayweather and his entourage — which included Jamie Fox — rang up a $25,300 tab, ordering five bottles of Patron, three bottles of Grey goose, 20 bottles of Luc champagne, 200 chicken wings and a fruit platter. And when it came time to pay the tab, Floyd left a 0% tip!

It looked like Beyonce and Jay Z were on a bullet train to divorce, but things have apparently taken a dramatic turn. While the couple were vacationing in Corsica for Beyonce’s 33rd birthday, they reportedly decided to put all the negativity behind them and renew their commitment to their marriage. A source told Grazia magazine that their daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s mom and a few close friends gathered on the beach to watch Jay and Bey recite a new set of vows. In fact,  the source says from now on, they intend to mark the day of this ceremony as their new wedding anniversary.

We found out late Monday that Ryan Gosling is a daddy! His girlfriend Eva Mendes gave birth to a baby girl on Friday. The couple managed to keep her pregnancy a secret until she was about 7 months along, so don’t expect any statements from them about their new daughter. In fact, we might never hear from Ryan again! He told “Us Weekly” back in 2011, “I’ll make movies until I make babies.”


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