Selena Gomez Announces Social Media Break

Al Pacino’s child support… The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony… Taylor Swift adds more dates… North West eats unpeeled raw onion… and Selena Gomez announces social media break

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Unlike 80-year-old Robert DeNiro, 83-year-old Al Pacino didn’t plan on making a baby with his 29-year-old girlfriend, but she got him! Of course, Noor Alfallah insists she’s attracted to older men and this was just a happy surprise and not some money grab. Either way, Al has to fork over $110K up front and then $30K per month in child support for his 5-month-old son Ronan. He’ll pay even more if his earnings increase. Al also has to put $15K per year in an education fund and possibly pay an extra $90K at the end of the year, depending on his earnings. And finally, he’s writing another check for $13K per month for a night nurse and he’ll pay any medical expenses not covered by insurance. Al and Noor will share legal custody of Ronan, with Noor having primary physical custody and Al getting visitation. They’ll hammer out the holiday schedule amongst themselves, and both have an equal say when it comes to schooling decisions and extracurricular activities.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will be held tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. You can watch it live on Disney+ and then you can stream it. ABC will air an edited-down, 3-hour prime-time special on January 1st, which will be available to stream the next day on Hulu and Disney+. Missy Elliott makes history as the first female rapper to be inducted and, also for the first time ever, her mom will be in the audience watching her perform live. Other inductees include the late George Michael, Sheryl Crow, Rage Against the Machine, Kate Bush, the late Don Cornelius, Bernie Taupin and Willie Nelson. Speaking of… “Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration” will air Sunday, Dec. 17 on CBS and Paramount+.

Taylor Swift announced yesterday she’s adding 3 more dates to the international leg of her Eras Tour, Dec. 6, 7 and 8, 2024, in Vancouver, with Gracie Abrams returning as one of her opening artists. Taylor begins the international leg on Nov. 9 with shows in Argentina and Brazil. Then she moves on to Asia, Europe and Australia before returning to the U.S. and Canada in October of next year. Speaking of that first show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Swifties with general admission tickets have been camping out in tents for the past FIVE MONTHS in order to get those front row seats. Nobody is camping out 24/7. According to Pitchfork, there are four huge tents set up outside the stadium, each holding approximately 60 people, all ages 18 and older. Using a spreadsheet, fans take turns staying in rotations, but you must stay a minimum of 60 hours per month and one sleepover per month is mandatory. Those who accumulate the most time camping out have a higher chance of being one of the first in line.

Just like her mama before her, North West has now broken the internet. While filming “The Kardashians,” 10-year-old North was making something in the kitchen when a producer asked her, “Can your mom cook?” North said, “Heck no!” But North apparently loves to cook, and cameras rolled as she made cucumber rolls and made small talk with her mom. That’s when North picked up a huge onion and took a bite out of it, just like she was biting into an apple. Kim said, “This is what she does, people. She eats veggies like apples.”

On Monday, Selena Gomez posted that she was taking a break from social media because her heart was breaking over “all of the horror, hate, violence and terror that’s going on in the world. People being tortured and killed or any act of hate towards any one group is horrific. We need to protect ALL people, especially children and stop the violence for good. I’m sorry if my words will never be enough for everyone or a hashtag. I just can’t stand by innocent people getting hurt. That’s what makes me sick. I wish I could change the world. But a post won’t.” But yesterday, Selena posted then quickly deleted an InstaStory saying, “I’m taking a break and deleting my Instagram. I’m done. I do not support any of what’s going on.” After her post on Monday, people started posting comments on Selena’s IG page criticizing her for not speaking out on the Israel-Palestine war. She disabled comments on her most recent posts, but then people went back to an Oct. 4 post about World Mental Health Day to shame Selena for staying silent, saying that as a UNICEF Ambassador, she needs to say something.


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