SXSW Criticized Over Deportation Contract Clause

Neverland is back up for sale… Rob Kardashian’s family is very concerned… Will Ryan Seacrest host AGT?… Ed Sheeran hit Justin Bieber in the face… and SXSW criticized over deportation contract clause

Neverland is back up for sale. Right before he passed away, Michael Jackson sold his ranch to Colony Capital for $22.5 million. They changed the name to Sycamore Valley Ranch and tried to unload the place last year with no bites. So they took it off the market for a minute, cut the price by $100 million, and now they have it listed for $67 million. In other Jackson family news, Michael’s daughter Paris has just signed with IMG Models and she is in VERY good hands. IMG’s client list includes Bella and Gigi Hadid and Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber.

People magazine is reporting Rob Kardashian’s family is very concerned about him since his most recent breakup with Blac Chyna. A source says Rob’s a mess. And while he is spending time with his daughter Dream, the family never leaves her alone with her daddy. The source says Rob’s been eating tons of junk food and he doesn’t exercise, which is especially troubling because he has type 2 diabetes. The source says that as much as they fought, Chyna was the only one who could really keep him in check. His family just isn’t able to get through to him.

Howie Mandel is begging Nick Cannon to come back to America’s Got Talent, but so far it looks like Nick’s not budging. And that’s just fine with Ryan Seacrest! says the minute Nick quit, Ryan’s team sprung into action. Their source says Ryan misses American Idol and loves being on prime-time TV. So when this opportunity opened up out of the blue, he couldn’t move fast enough! The source says Ryan also wants what Nick was getting — a reported $5 million.

Ed Sheeran is promoting his new album “ ÷ ” which is out today, and he’s telling all sorts of interesting stories during his interviews. In fact, we just found out that during one drunken outing in Japan, Ed hit Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club! In Ed’s defense — like I said before — he was drunk. But he says Justin wasn’t! He was only drinking water. But for whatever reason, Justin laid down on the golf course, put a golf ball in his mouth, and challenged Ed to hit it out of his mouth. Ed said, “You know in films when someone gets punched, and you hear that fake sound, like a slap? But in real life when someone gets punched, you hear that dull thud, a bit sickening… I heard a sound like the last one.”

This band called Told Slant has dropped out of the SXSW Music Festival after their drummer actually read the contract they were about to sign. Felix Walworth tweeted an excerpt of the contract which warned bands who may have international members, “Accepting and performing at unofficial events (including unofficial events aside from SXSW Music dates during their visit to the United States) may result in immediate deportation, revoked passport and denied entry by US Customs Border Patrol at US ports of entry.” The CEO and co-founder of SXSW has now released a statement saying first of all, they’ve never reported anybody to immigration authorities. And with that being said, he said this language has been in the contract for years. Roland Swenson said, “We understand that given the current political climate surrounding immigration, the language that was published seems strong. Violating U.S. immigration law has always carried potentially severe consequences, and we would be remiss not to warn our participating acts of the likely repercussions.” He explained that international performers “coming to SXSW to perform without a work visa are limited, by U.S. immigration law, to performing their showcase event only. If an artist wishes to perform elsewhere, they will require a work visa.”


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