Will Smith & Kevin Hart star in a remake… Cardi B gifts Megan Thee Stallion… Ellen DeGeneres apologizes… Clare Crawley rumors addressed… and Taylor Swift reveals the “Cardigan” video’s Easter eggs

It’s no secret that Hollywood has officially run out of new ideas. If you loved the 1987 movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” starring Steve Martin and John Candy, get ready for the remake starring Will Smith and Kevin Hart. Both are producing and starring in the updated version of the John Hughes classic. In the original, the characters played by Steve and John are trying to get home to their families for Thanksgiving, but their flights have been canceled. Even though they couldn’t be any more different, they’re forced to work together, facing one travel nightmare after another, as they desperately try to get home.

To celebrate the success of their “WAP” collaboration, Cardi B bought Megan Thee Stallion a personalized Birkin bag. It’s an orange bag with a huge white tiger on the front, just like the one in their video. Next to it is Megan in her white tiger print bodysuit, licking her finger and saying, “Ahhh!!” On the back is a city skyline at sunset with “BE SOMEONE” painted on a dividing wall. Hearts and dollar signs are spray-painted on the sides. Minus the custom artwork, a Birkin bag starts at $9K. “WAP” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, while the video made YouTube history as the biggest debut week ever for an all-female hip-hop collaboration.

Variety was first to break the news yesterday. Three executive producers for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” who were blasted in a Buzzfeed article with accusations of sexual misconduct, harrassment, and creating a toxic work environment have “parted ways” with the show. Three executive producers remain, including Andy Lassner, the man who stood outside Ellen’s window as she broadcast her show from home. One of those vacant EP spots is now being filled by Ellen’s in-house DJ “tWitch.” During a call to the almost 200 people left on her staff, Ellen reportedly said she had wanted to address everyone sooner, but wasn’t allowed to do so because of the internal investigation. She was also said to be close to tears as she apologized for this whole mess. But as far as rumors that guests and staff members were told to never speak to her or look her in the eye, Ellen said that wasn’t true. However, she did describe herself as an introvert, and she was sorry if that ever made anyone feel “disregarded.” Moving forward, Ellen promised that things will be very different. Among some of the changes, Warner Bros. has appointed a human resources representative who will be dedicated to this show alone, and they’re also setting up a hotline for any complaints. Because of all the internal chaos, Variety reported that the show’s return from summer break has been pushed from Sept. 9 to Sept. 14.

It’s no secret that Clare Crawley quit “The Bachelorette” because she found love right out of the gate with one of the guys. Many gossip outlets reported the same story: Before filming began, Clare and this man I still won’t name slipped into each other’s DMs, which is a huge no-no, by the way. And because they had so much chemistry before they even laid eyes on each other, nobody else ever stood a chance. A couple of people are trying to set the record straight on this. One would be this guy’s sister. Responding to a People article on the subject, sister posted, “That’s tarnishing my brother’s name and it’s COMPLETELY FALSE. Your source for that information is LYING. I know this because I spent every day with my brother leading up to production! Never once did he reach out, nor was he ever contacted by Clare! My brother was EXTREMELY adamant about the rules, contracts, and privacy. He had EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain by communicating beforehand.” She also tagged People to make sure they heard the words that were coming out of her mouth. And sticking up for Clare in her Instagram Stories is her good friend, Michelle Money. She said Clare and this guy never spoke before filming. Michelle admitted that Clare did check him out on social media, but there were no DMs, no texts and no conversations. She said it’s “1000 percent face news.”

Taylor Swift revealed some of the Easter eggs in her “cardigan” video, which she wrote and directed during quarantine. Did you notice that old photo of a man hanging on the wall at the very beginning? That’s Taylor’s grandfather, Dean, who landed on the beaches at the Battle of Guadalcanal in WWII. And close to that is this painting of a white house. Taylor said she created that masterpiece during her very first week of quarantine. One of the more obvious Easter eggs are the hands on the clock hanging above her piano. They’re set to 1 and 3, because 13. Duh. Because this was all done during quarantine, Taylor did her own hair and makeup and she even wore her own nightgown. And since she was trying to keep everything top secret, she wore an earpiece so no one else could hear the song out loud during filming. By the way, Taylor released her bonus song “the lakes” today, along with the lyric video.

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