Taylor Swift Threatens Kanye West With Legal Action

Taye Diggs joins “Empire”… Will Gisele Bundchen represent at the Olympics?… Cher’s feud with Kate Hudson… Scrutiny of Melania Trump’s speech… and Taylor Swift threatens Kanye West with legal action

Taye Diggs is joining the cast of “Empire.” He’ll play Angelo Dubois, a NY councilman who comes from a wealthy family and graduated from Harvard Law. But instead of taking on cases that will line his pockets, he focuses on community issues and local politics. Also popping up in season three will be French Montana and Birdman. “Empire” returns September 21 on Fox.

Gisele Bundchen reportedly is coming out of retirement to represent her home country of Brazil at the Olympics. She had retired from the runway in April of last year when she walked in Sau Paolo, Brazil. But according to “Women’s Wear Daily,” Gisele will strut her stuff at the opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on August 5.

It’s really fun to follow Cher on Twitter sometimes. Right now, she’s trying to start a feud with Kate Hudson. She tweeted:

Fabletics is the company co-founded by Kate. It’s a monthly subscription-based service that sends you cute little outfits for working out and from what I’ve heard, it’s next to impossible to cancel your subscription. Poor Cher…..

Melania Trump was getting skewered on social media last night after more than a couple people noticed that several parts of her speech at the RNC were lifted almost verbatim from Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC eight years ago. Before she spoke, Melania told a reporter she’d had a little bit of help, but she’d written most of the speech herself. But wasn’t she pretty! In fact, Melania was wearing Roksanda’s “Margot” dress, which is described as a “beautiful option for the modern bride.” Her spokesperson told “Women’s Wear Daily” that Melania bought it on Net-a-porter. After she popped up wearing it on TV, though, the $2190 dress completely sold out.


Several months ago, Taylor Swift’s people threatened Kanye West months ago with criminal prosecution for allegedly secretly recording their phone conversation. They also demanded that the recordings be destroyed, which they obviously weren’t. But TMZ spoke with legal experts who say Kanye won’t face criminal prosecution because Taylor had no expectation of privacy. If you listen to the whole tape, it’s obvious Taylor knew she was on speakerphone because other people in the room, including procurer Rick Rubin, spoke up several times. But Taylor could still file a civil lawsuit for a number of reasons, including defamation and emotional distress. But a source told Entertainment Tonight that Kim Kardashian was willing to take the risk of a lawsuit in order to defend her husband.

Watch as James Corden enters the Kanye-Kim-Taylor drama.


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