Movie news… Nicki Minaj shows off her sneakers… ‘Golden Bachelor’ divorce… Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Netflix series… and Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce doing Coachella in style

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In movie news — It was December 2020 when Disney confirmed Tyler Perry would be producing Sister Act 3 starring Whoopi Goldberg. And???? Tyler recently confirmed the movie is still in the works, but he’s getting “a little annoyed” by how long it’s taking. In fact, Tyler said, “I’ve done four movies since we started talking about this.” But he said the movie is so iconic and important, they have make sure they have the right writers, the right script and the right story, and they just haven’t landed on that yet. A little further along in the process is a new animated, R-rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie called The Last Ronin. This one is based on a story that recently ran in the comics. It’s pretty dark! Set in a totalitarian future, Master Splinter and the Turtles are being killed off one-by-one by the grandson of Shredder and his gang of synthetic ninjas. Only one Turtle survives, using the weapons of all four Turtles to seek his bloody revenge.

According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj loved the UK-based LØCI brand of sneakers so much, she became part-owner, collaborated with them to create her own custom line, and she’s launching her Pink Friday sneaker collection today! According to their website, Nicki’s collection “blends street-cool aesthetics with high-fashion chic,” and “this exclusive drop epitomizes Nicki’s bold and vibrant style.” The Pink Friday collection will produce 5 different styles across 11 color ways, and Nicki’s portrait is on the shoe tongue. These vegan leather sneaks are made from non-food grade corn and other recycled materials, and they’re priced between $185-$200.

The 72-year-old Golden Bachelor and his 70-year-old bride went on Good Morning America this morning to announce they are divorcing after 3 months of marriage. Gerry Turner and Theresa Mist held hands through out the interview, insisting they still love each other. But Gerry said, “We’ve looked closely at our situation, our living situation, so forth, and we’ve kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to dissolve our marriage.” But this thing really didn’t stand a chance because since they got married 3 months ago, Gerry kept living in Indiana and Theresa stayed in New Jersey so they could both be where their kids live. Theresa said they tried looking at places they could live together including homes in SC and NJ, but they just couldn’t pull the trigger.

Meghan Markle recently announced her new American Riviera Orchard brand with hopes of becoming the next Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow. But she and Prince Harry still have to fulfill their obligations to Netflix, so why not kill two birds with one stone? According to Deadline, Harry and Meghan have two non-fiction projects in production at Netflix. The first will see Meghan “celebrate the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship.” The second is a passion project for Harry — a series following the world of professional polo. Both are in the earliest stages of production, so it will be a minute before they start streaming.

Coachella kicks off this weekend and we’re hoping for lots of great stories for Monday’s Showbiz Top 5! In the meantime….Daily Mail says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will be there one or both weekends to support Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff, who will be performing with his band, Bleachers. Taylor and Travis reportedly are leasing a mega-mansion inside the exclusive, members-only neighborhood called The Madison Club in LaQuinta, which is in Coachella Valley. Homes in this community range from $3M-$10M, with a golf membership initiation fee of $250K and an annual fee of $70K. There’s also a day spa, a fitness facility, and no reason for Taylor and Travis to leave other than to support Lana, who headlines tonight and next Friday, and Jack, who plays with Bleachers both Saturday nights.


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