Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Parents are Expected to Meet

Television updates… Joe Jonas got a new tattoo… Ed Sheeran donates clothes… Jada Pinkett Smith is suing… and Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s parents are expected to meet

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In TV and streaming news…..Jimmy Kimmel said, “I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times.” And now, Jimmy’s dream has come true. For the fourth time, Jimmy will host the Oscars, which air live on ABC, Sunday, March 10. The nominations will be announced on January 23. And speaking of ABC, they used to be the network we all gathered ‘round to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but that stopped when Apple acquired the rights to the Peanuts catalog back in 2020. But in honor of the holiday special’s 50th anniversary, Apple TV+ will allow non-subscribers to watch it for FREE this Saturday and Sunday. A seven-day free trial is also available if you want to watch it ON Thanksgiving Day. But if you don’t want to keep it, remember to cancel it before the seven days is up because after the trial, Apple TV+ will cost you $9.99 a month, which is the same price it costs to buy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on DVD.

During the Jonas Brothers concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Joe Jonas was wearing a tank top that scooped just low enough to show off a new tattoo placed front and center at the top of his chest — 07.05.22 x 07.22.20, which are the birthdates of his two daughters, Delphine and Willa. It looks like Joe actually got some more new ink, including a child’s drawing of a girl on his bicep, which may have been drawn by his 3-year-old daughter Willa. There’s also another tattoo of a quote, but we can’t make out what it is, and the outline of a bird on Joe’s wrist. That could be a reference to the Jo Bros’ song Little Bird, which is about Joe, Nick and Kevin’s five daughters. Joe will have custody of his girls again starting Wednesday, because his temporary arrangement with Sophie Turner gives him the girls for Thanksgiving. They go back to their mom in mid-December, who will take them to England for Christmas.

Ed Sheeran is clearing out his closets, auctioning off a bunch of his old stuff for the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices on the charity’s UK eBay page. It’s basically an online garage sale, with about 450 items up for bid. You’ll find toys Ed’s girls grew tired of…an old photo scanner…a bunch of phone cases still in the box…cutlery…collectibles…watches…Christmas decorations…dirty underwear…Yes, I said DIRTY UNDERWEAR. Ed is auctioning off a bunch of his clothes — most of them unwashed — to raise money for sick children. The donation includes 149 boxer shorts, 73 socks, shorts, some sweaters, pants, hats, coats, belts, tees and more. Each piece of clothing will be sold “as received, unwashed, and unironed, with each sale accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity.”

Will Smith’s former assistant Brother Bilaal was recently a guest on the podcast Unwine with Tasha K. If the name Tasha K sounds familiar, this is the woman Cardi B sued for defamation and won almost $4M. Brother Bilaal has written a book called Will Smith Demonic Circle, and while promoting it on Tasha K’s podcast, he talked about working for Will during his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. Brother Bilaal claimed he walked in on Will mid-relations with actor Duane Martin, who was guest-starring on an episode. Duane is the ex-husband of Tisha Campbell, and there have been rumors about Duane and Will for years. Will isn’t commenting on Brother Bilaal’s story, and Duane reportedly has no intention of making a comment, either. But TMZ caught Jada Pinkett-Smith on the street in NYC and she said, “We suin’.”

I don’t know for sure who was first to report it, but let’s go with Us Weekly. Their source says Taylor Swift’s parents, Scott and Andrea, will meet Travis Kelce’s parents, Ed and Donna, in Travis’ VIP suite at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs will face the Eagles Monday night. The source said, “Taylor and Travis have met each other’s parents, so it only makes sense that they’d want their parents to meet each other as things between them are getting really serious.” The source also said Donna Kelce doesn’t believe Taylor is going to be there for the meeting of the parents because she’ll be in Brazil the night before. But as we all saw with our own eyes, Taylor walked off the stage in Buenos Aires last Sunday night, went straight to the airport and jetted home, arriving Monday morning wearing the same sparkly outfit she wore onstage the night before. Taylor being there this Monday night is totally doable.


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