The Masked Singer Gets A 2-Hour Special

Johnny Depp settled a lawsuit… The Rock has a tequila business… Kim K’s lawsuit… Kylie Jenner filed restraining order… and The Masked Singer gets a 2-hour special

One lawsuit down, two to go! Johnny Depp is still being sued by a movie locations manager who swears Johnny hit him. And he’s still suing his ex-wife Amanda Heard for defamation over a newspaper article she wrote claiming she was physically abused during her marriage. But at least one lawsuit is off his plate! Rather than go to trial, Johnny’s former law firm will pay him a reported 8-figure settlement. Johnny was asking for more than $30M. In a nutshell, Johnny accused his former firm of collecting huge fees from him for over 20 years without a proper contract.

Who DIDN’T want to start their own alcohol line when we found out George Clooney and Rande Gerber sold their tequila company to a distributor in a billion dollar deal! Dwayne Johnson has a habit of toasting good times with a shot of tequila, so why not toast with his own! He’s spent the past few years working on developing his own brand, which he revealed on Instagram yesterday. Teremana Tequila will be available in the first quarter of next year.

Kim Kardashian’s split ends were so bad, she needed an emergency trim. She called her stylist Chris Appleton, who told her he was working out at an apartment complex. She went straight there, pulled over in her car, had Chris borrow some scissors from the gym and he cam out to the parking lot and trimmed her ends. She shared it all on her IG Stories. Maybe Kim was on her way to her lawyer’s office because she’s suing an app company for $10M because they used one of her photos to advertise their editing app without her permission. The company’s defense? They say they didn’t realize it was a picture of Kim.

Kylie Jenner has been granted a restraining order against a man who showed up to her home on Tuesday, aggressively knocked on her door, demanding to see her. Kylie and her baby Stormi weren’t home at the time, but her security team was. They had this guy arrested. They said he was acting very erratic and nervous. Well it turns out, he was on drugs. He was charged with 2 counts of misdemeanor trespassing, plus a felony charge for having a glass pipe on him and being under the influence of a drug. He’s been told to stay at least 100 yards away from Kylie.

If you were upset that “The Masked Singer” kept getting bumped by the World Series, you weren’t the only one! People were tweeting their displeasure. One went so far as to tweet this wish: “I hope a meteor lands on both teams in the #WorldSeries because I’ve had to miss #themaskedsinger two weeks in a row.” Ouch. But the World Series is now over and everything can get back to normal on Fox. And to make it up to everybody for missing the last two weeks, all 11 of the remaining contestants will sing next Wednesday night with TWO celebrities being unmasked. And during the second hour of the show, Anthony Anderson from “Black-ish” will join the judges panel.

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