Mama June Shannon hospitalized… Foo Fighters’ big announcement… Madonna and Guy Ritchie no-show for custody battle… Deadmau5 calls out Kanye West for software piracy… and Trai Byers wants out of ‘Empire’

Mama June Shannon was  rushed to the hospital yesterday after she passed out at her home in Georgia and fell down the stairs. A source told Entertainment Tonight that June hadn’t been feeling well all day and wasn’t able to keep down any food. But another source told TMZ that June has been dieting hard and hasn’t been eating enough.

The Foo Fighters’ big announcement on Twitter ended up being a prank. Since there were so many rumors about Dave Grohl going solo, they decided to do a fun little video showing the band trying to replace Dave with Nick Lachey. At the end of the video, came the actual announcement:  “For the Millionth Time, We are Not Breaking Up And No One is Going F—ing Solo.”

(Warning: Video contains some foul language.)


Neither Madonna nor Guy Ritchie was in the NYC courtroom yesterday for the custody hearing regarding their 15-year-old son Rocco, but they both called in while their lawyers represented them. They had to hear the judge reprimand them to come up with an amicable solution before making the court hear the full case. Madonna got a court order to legally force her son to come back and live with her but Rocco refused, which is why they’re in court now. The judge decided that  Rocco — who has his own court-appointed attorney — doesn’t have to move back to NYC at this time because he’s currently enrolled in school in London. The next court hearing is June 1st.

Now Kanye West is having a Twitter battle with Deadmau5. It started Tuesday when Deadmau5 accused Kanye of illegally downloading synthesizer software Serum off a piracy site. Deadmau5 would care because he’s a co-founder of the company that makes Serum. That’s when Kanye went off on Deadmau5, saying — among other things — that Deadmau5 looks like Minnie Mouse and wanted to know if he could perform at his daughter’s birthday party. Deadmau5 responded, “Perform at your own daughter’s parties. You’re a bigger (BLANKING) clown than anyone I know. Imma let you finish….But you should probably be saving the money for a 4th grade education.”

“Empire” fans won’t be happy to hear this. Trai Byers — who plays Cookie and Lucious Lyon’s son Andre — wants off the show. Sources told Page Six that producers are really okay with that because Trai has been a complete diva on the set. A source says, “Trai feels that he studied at Yale and he’s a ‘true thespian’…The character is beneath him.” The source says Trai was excited when he first landed the part of Andre, but he’s not happy with the direction the show has taken and he’s not getting enough screen time. Another source says Trai threw a temper tantrum and threatened to leave, but producers called his bluff and said, “Fine! If you’re not happy, we don’t need you.” The source says Trai has also fired all his reps because they haven’t gotten him any big movie roles.


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