Travis Scott Sued For Bailing On Concert After Stormi’s Birth

Vivica A. Fox gets a daytime show… Corey Feldman’s alleged stabbing update… Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s new apartment… Carrie Underwood is dealing with a facial scar… and Travis Scott sued for bailing on concert

Harry Connick’s daytime show “Harry” is getting yanked after two seasons, so CBS has room to try another talk show. They’re giving Vivica A. Fox a shot at it! Her show is called “Face the Truth.” Guests will reveal their problems to a panel of experts who will try to help them sort it all out, and then the studio audience will vote on who’s at fault in the situation. They’re going to try it out this fall in 10 markets and see how it goes.

A little update on Corey Feldman’s alleged stabbing in the stomach incident yesterday. We say “alleged” because police are still investigating. By using the word “stabbed” we all assumed he’d been gutted with a knife, but Corey believes he was stabbed with a syringe and went to the hospital for some tests to makes sure he hadn’t been injected with a “poison or virus.” According to Corey, he and his bodyguard were sitting in their car when three young Hispanic men jumped out of their car and and tried to start something. That’s when one of the guys stabbed him with something sharp, which he believes was a needle. Police have taken fingerprints off Corey’s car and some DNA swabs, hoping they can figure out what happened. Corey says he’s been threatened on social media ever since he threatened to expose some high-profile pedophiles in Hollywood.

Are they moving one step closer to marriage or is this just a smart investment? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just dropped $15.3 million on an apartment in Manhattan’s 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere and the second tallest building in NYC. One World Trade Center is taller. This apartment had been on the market for $18.5 million so J-Rod got a deal! Their place is 4000-square-feet. It comes with 3 bedrooms, his and hers separate master bathrooms, a library and its own private elevator. The building also provides a private chef and dining room for residents that serves three meals a day. They have access to a state-of-the-art gym with yoga and Pilates studios, a sauna and a steam room, plus a boardroom, and a movie theater.

Hollywood Life says Carrie Underwood is really struggling with nerves and insecurity over her facial scar. Back in November, Carrie fell at her house and suffered a bad gash to her face. He hasn’t made any public appearances since. A source told Hollywood Life that she’s been going to the best dermatologists in Beverly Hills getting treatments to reduce the appearance of her scar. In addition to that, Carrie’s been working with her glam squad, figuring out how to camouflage the scar with the right makeup and contouring. The source says, “She knows she can’t live in hiding forever, so Carrie is doing everything she can so that the imperfections on her gorgeous face will be hardly noticeable when she makes her public comeback.”

Travis Scott bailed on a pre-Super Bowl party at the last minute because Kylie Jenner had just given birth to their baby girl, Stormi. The baby was born February 1 and he was supposed to perform at Myth Nightclub on February 3. We can’t fault him for bailing because we’d all be slamming him for performing and not being there for his baby girl and baby mama, right? But what ISN’T right — and what he’s being sued for — is the $150K Travis was paid up front for the performance, which never happened. The events company wants that money back, plus the ten grand they paid Travis’ booking agent. Not only that, they had arranged for a private jet for Travis and spent tons of money promoting his performance, only to have him bail hours before showtime. And they also want damages because his bailing made them look bad!


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