Armie Hammer is dating a dental hygienist… Kaitlyn Bristowe got engaged… Kelly Clarkson confronts Seth Rogen… Olivia Rodrigo met Taylor Swift… and Tristan Thompson’s alleged fling Sydney Chase hires Gloria Allred

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There are women who fall in love with mass murderers behind bars, so why should it surprise anyone that there’s a dental hygienist in the Cayman Islands who wants a piece of Armie Hammer, who may LITERALLY want a piece of her? A source told People that Armie and his new lady recently “staycationed” on the other side of the island from where they live, adding, “They seem happy and comfortable with each other. They seem to have lots of friends and she introduces him to any friends who haven’t met him before when they are out.” Armie’s estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, has been living in the Cayman Islands during the pandemic with their 6-year-old daughter Harper and 4-year-old son Ford.

Congratulations to former Bachelorette and upcoming Bachelorette co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe on her engagement to Jason Tartick. Jason is NOT the one who received Kaitlyn’s final rose during her turn as Bachelorette in 2015. That went to Shawn Booth. They lasted almost 3 years. But a couple months after she and Shawn broke up, Kaitlyn started dating Jason, who made it to the final three on Becca Kufrin’s season of the Bachelorette in 2018. On Monday, Kaitlyn was recording her “Off the Vine” podcast and thought she was going to be interviewing a special guest, only to find out it was Jason, who surprised her with his proposal. She told Entertainment Tonight, “The words that came out of his mouth were insanely beautiful. We’ve never locked eyes like that in our lives. We were holding hands, so intense, and I was listening to his every word, but still blacked out.”

It is one of the most memorable moments in movie history. In “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” Steve Carell’s character Andy is getting his chest waxed and yells out, “KELLY CLARKSON!!” What that a random, improv thing or was it planned? Well, Seth Rogen was on Kelly’s talk show yesterday and it turns out HE’S the one we can thank for that moment. Seth not only played Andy’s co-worker in the movie, he also co-produced it. During one of the writing sessions, Judd Apatow asked Seth to write some jokes for Steve to yell out, thinking he’d be in so much pain from the waxing that he wouldn’t be able to think clearly. Seth told Kelly, “I honestly think I was sitting on my couch writing the jokes and you came on television, and I saw you and it was Kelly Clarkson.” Seth said the sound of the letter K is also “known for being funny in the comedy world,” so he added the double “k” sounding name Kelly Clarkson to the list and the rest is movie history.

In addition to all the awards being handed out at last night’s Brit Awards, Olivia Rodrigo finally got to meet last night’s Global Icon winner Taylor Swift backstage. By the way, Taylor is the first woman to receive that honor. And when Harry Styles won the British Single Award for “Watermelon Sugar,” Twitter erupted over his lack of a thick English accent.

Instagram model Sydney Chase has doubled down on her claims that she hooked up with Tristan Thompson by hiring Gloria Allred to represent her. Tristan’s attorneys sent Sydney a cease-and-desist, saying, ““It is obvious that you are a liar…The purported texts you claim exist are equally fictitious, and they put words in my client’s mouth that he never said that are contrary to his thoughts and feelings. This is defamatory.” Ms. Allred released a statement to Page Six that said, “Our client, Sydney Chase, is outraged at what she regards as false statements that have been made about her in the media by Tristan Thompson’s representatives.” Ms. Allred said she’s willing to share the evidence Sydney has provided IF Tristan meets with her to answer some questions. She said Sydney is willing to be there for the meeting and that Khloe Kardashian is invited, as well. Ms. Allred added, “We believe that the truth will emerge through this process. When we conclude our investigation, we will then advise Sydney regarding her legal options.”

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