Wendy Williams Breaks Down Crying

Quincy Brown has removed a strange face tattoo… Divorce rumors for Justin & Hailey Bieber… Travis Kelce in Las Vegas… Olivia Rodrigo is officially 21… Wendy Williams’ to break down in tears…

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On Valentine’s Day, Diddy’s son Quincy Brown debuted the word “PERFECT” tattooed under his left eye, apparently to promote his new single Perfect In My Eyes. Everyone hated it. So Quincy just posted a video of himself getting it lasered off. He said, “I’ve read the comments. Thank Q for y’all’s honesty….” Quincy’s bio parents are Al B. Sure and Kim Porter. Quincy was 3 when Diddy started dating his mom and went on to adopt him, but I’m not sure if it’s legal or symbolic. This is very similar to Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s son Presley, who got “MISUNDERSTOOD” tattooed under his right eye a few years ago. At the time, Presley said, “”If anyone has s*** to say to me about this, or anything else, or my family, or how I grew up … I will give you my address — I promise — and you can come say it to my face.” Apparently, his mama and daddy had something to say about it because Presley ended up getting his face tattoo lasered off, too.

There’s a Reddit thread dedicated to the idea that Justin and Hailey Bieber are secretly divorced and have been for months. As one posted, “Is anyone else wondering where the Biebers have gone? Since the Super Bowl, it’s been radio silent. No pap walks, no personal Instagram stories… honestly I’m curious.” Another posted, “I think they’re divorced and have been for months… there are so many rumors and accounts of him being seen alone in Palm Springs…” And one more, “”he’s also spending a lot of time with just her girls suddenly… I think they want us to think they are together so that they don’t get any backlash or bad publicity.” Then RadarOnline talked to a couple of sources who said Justin’s neediness is going to be the breaking point in their marriage. One said, “He acts like a needy kid all the time and she’s constantly having to apologize for him and try to get him to act like an adult.” The other said their marriage is “based on Justin’s childish needs and it’s doomed.”

Travis Kelce basically flew to the other side of the world to spend two days with Taylor Swift and now he’s back on US soil. Travis and his best friend Ross Travis hopped on a private jet to Sydney, where they landed last Thursday. That same day, Taylor took her jet-lagged beau to the zoo to meet the koalas and feed the kangaroos. Friday night, Travis partied in the VIP tent at Taylor’s second show. Afterward, Taylor walked off the stage and into his arms and soon they were strolling hand-in-hand through the marina for a romantic boat ride back to her home base hotel, where she’s staying in a suite worth $25K/night. After that, it was back on the jet for Travis and Ross. Apparently, Travis is committed to appearances at the Wynn in Vegas because that’s where he was partying with Patrick Mahomes and other Chiefs players on Saturday night. Taylor wrapped her final Sydney show Monday night and has the rest of this week off. She’s traveling to Singapore for six shows, which begin Saturday night. It’s believed Travis will fly out to join her.

Olivia Rodrigo turned 21 last Tuesday and three days later, she kicked off her Guts World Tour in Palm Desert, California. Olivia told the audience that once she hit legal age, she bought cigarettes and a 6-pack of beer for the first time ever. But Olivia clarified, “I promise I didn’t consume it! I just bought because I (BLANKING) could.” Then she launched into her song Teenage Dream, which was sixth on her setlist. If she keeps things the same for her entire tour, Olivia performs a grand total of 22 songs, opening with Bad Idea Right? and ending with two encores — Good 4 U and Get Him Back!

Initially, this documentary was meant to follow Wendy Williams’ big comeback with a podcast, but it quickly turned into something very dark and sad. Her court-appointed conservator couldn’t get a judge to stop it, so Where Is Wendy Williams? aired, as scheduled, Saturday and Sunday nights on Lifetime. Wendy and her son Kevin Hunter Jr. are two of the executive producers on this documentary. Kevin says the last time he’s physically seen his mom was in October of 2022, when he filmed a video with her on the beach in Florida. After that, Wendy went back to New York to go to court over Wells Fargo cutting off access to her money, only to end up being put under a financial guardianship, partially because the courts believed Kevin was spending all his mom’s money. But Kevin explained, “When my mom was living down here (in Florida), as one can imagine, it’s not a cheap lifestyle. The court tried to frame it as though I was making all these charges for my own happiness and stuff. My mom has never been a cheap person, so whether it be flying her back and forth on private planes or even paying for appointments, it was all under one American Express.” Kevin also believes his mom doesn’t want to see him because he keeps her sober and she simply wants to drink. And while Wendy’s family is concerned the only people with her right now are there because they’re getting paid, her manager Will Selby — who also serves as an executive producer on this documentary — seems to truly care. He confronts Wendy about her alcoholism, pours out the liquor she stashes in her apartment, and intervenes when she tries to order alcohol at restaurants.


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