Zach Bryan Arrested in Oklahoma

Danny Masterson sentenced… Jimmy Fallon apologises… Riot is introduced… Nominations for the CMA Awards… and Zach Bryan Arrested in Oklahoma

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Danny Masterson — who is best known for playing Steven Hyde on “That ‘70s Show” — has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for raping 2 women twenty years ago. His attorney said his is “very disappointed in the sentence” and will appeal. At the sentencing yesterday, Danny’s accusers read their victim statements. One told Danny, “You relish in hurting women. It is your addiction. It is without question your favorite thing to do…Listen to the brightness of nothing and get well. I forgive you.” David Miscavige — who is the leader of the Church of Scientology — was there for the sentencing, as was former Scientologist and thorn in David Miscavige’s side. Leah Remini. Why? Because Danny is a Scientologist, and she and Danny’s victims claim the church had had been protecting Danny for all these years. The victims say that after they went to police, they were constantly harassed and threatened by church officials, which the church denies. After the sentencing, Leah posted a lengthy statement that says in part, “I will always remind the public that in Scientology if you report another Scientologist to law enforcement, you are committing a high crime. The consequences of such a high crime are devastating: you will lose everything you’ve ever known, from your family to your friends to your job…The women who survived Danny’s predation fought tirelessly for justice. Their tenacity, strength, and courage have given hope to all victims of Scientology that justice is possible. For that, we will forever be grateful…”

“Rolling Stone” spoke to two current and 14 former of “The Tonight Show” who claim Jimmy Fallon created a toxic work environment that had everyone walking on eggshells. Some claim Jimmy would sometimes show up to work drunk and you didn’t know if it was going to be a “good Jimmy day” or a “bad Jimmy day.” They also pointed out that Jimmy went through 9 show runners in 9 years, and one former employee said his mental heath was so severely affected, he didn’t want to live any more. Jimmy reportedly held a zoom call with his employees last night, apologizing his staff. He said, “I feel so bad I can’t even tell you…I want this show to be fun. It should be inclusive for everybody.” But People spoke to a current employee at “The Tonight Show” who has the exact opposite opinion of Jimmy. Even though the employee wished to remain anonymous, they said that Jimmy makes a point of commending someone when they do a great job. But if Jimmy didn’t like something, they said, “Any feedback I’ve received is always like, ‘Hey, we don’t need to do that again’…I’ve never been belittled, yelled at, nothing like that. It’s all exactly how a boss should give feedback to an employee.”

“The Blast” got ahold of the birth certificate and we now know the name of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s second son. Riot Rose Mayers was born at 7:41am on August 1 at Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA. Interesting to note, back in July, A$AP released a track called “Riot” featuring Pharrell Williams. Riot joins big brother RZA, who is just shy of 16 months. He was named after RZA from the Wu Tang Clan.

It’s Country Music’s Biggest Night – they actually trademarked that! The Country Music Awards, aka the CMAs, will air live from Nashville on Nov. 8 on ABC with the same co-hosts as last year – Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning. Nominations came out yesterday. Lainey Wilson leads with 9, followed by Jelly Roll with 5 and Luke Combs with 4. (By the way, congratulations to Luke and his wife Nicole. They announced yesterday that their second son Beau was born on Aug. 15. Big brother Tex is almost 15 months.) In the two biggest categories, “Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville,” “Bell Bottom Country” by Lainey Wilson, “Gettin’ Old” by Luke Combs, “One Thing at a Time” by Morgan Wallen and “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat” by Kelsea Ballerini are up for Album of the Year. And up for Entertainer of the Year are Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton, Carrie Underwood, Morgan Wallen and Lainey Wilson.

Zach Bryan was arrested yesterday in a tiny northeastern Oklahoma town called Vinita, charged with obstruction of investigation. He was released a few hours later. He posted an apology on his Instagram, explaining that his emotions had gotten the best of him. But Zach wanted us to hear exactly what happened before the rumor mill fired up, so he posted a lengthy explanation in his IG Stories. Several days ago, Zach got pulled over for going what he said was 4 or 5 miles over the speed limit. When the officer asked for Zach’s address, he didn’t feel comfortable sharing that. That led to Zach being placed in handcuffs until he finally told the officer where he lived, but he wasn’t taken down to the jail. Fast forward to yesterday. Zach told his security guard that he felt like driving to Boston to see the Eagles play the Patriots on Sunday, so they hit the road. Zach had his dog in the car with him with the security guy following behind. When they hit Vinita, the security guy got pulled over. Zach circled the block and waited about 15 minutes. Frustrated that it was taking so long, Zach got out of his car to smoke, when the officer came over and told him to get back inside his vehicle. Zach admitted he got a little “lippy” with the officer and, long story short, he ended up hauled off to jail where he was charged with obstruction of investigation. Zach said everyone couldn’t have been nicer to him and he ended up shaking the arresting officer’s hand and apologizing. He said he hopes to meet these two officers again under better circumstances. I love the first comment I saw posted: “Dropping the prices of your concert tickets is the only way to make up for this.”


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