Kellie’s Blog: So back to that drastic change idea….
Kellie’s Blog: So back to that drastic change idea….

I looked at my hair last night and I had enough. I woke up this morning and I even had MORE enough. Can you have more enough? Anyway. I’ve been working this same hair for far too long and I was ready for a change. And despite hearing conflicting opinions that long hair makes me look younger/older and short hair makes me look older/younger, and despite the overwhelming data supporting the fact that men love women with long hair, I decided to make an appointment to chop it all off.

Granted, I’ve made several appointments like this over the past few years only to be talked out of it by my hairstylist. In fact, I wouldn’t say I was talked out chopping my hair off — I was bullied out of it! So this time I made the drastic decision to make an appointment with a new hairstylist — a person who has no emotional ties whatsoever to my tresses. And every woman reading this right now knows how difficult that was for me. I imagine that the guilt and shame associated with betraying your hairstylist is right up there with the guilt you’d feel for cheating on your husband.

So I showed up for my appointment not knowing whether I’d walk out of there with just a trim or a head full of swingy layers or a pixie cut or a chopped-off bob. I was willing to allow myself to be talked into anything, and I was! At first she took off a couple of inches. And then she asked if she could take off a couple more. And then she asked if she could take off a couple more. And now I have the drastic change I was told I needed. In the span of one afternoon, I went from loving it to hating it to accepting it and then being okay with it. I went from thinking it made me look sexy and sassy to old and tired. But I can probably blame that on polishing off a bottle of wine the night before and not being able to grab a nap today. Plus it’s just going to take me a minute to accept that ponytails are a thing of the past and that running my fingers through my hair now stops at my jawline. Yes. It’s that short. I just pray that I can figure out how to fix it tomorrow morning before I have to show everybody at work and on Kidd TV!