Kellie took her daughter, Emma Kelly, to visit Santa and to find out what she wants for Christmas. Her request was outrageous! Listen to find out what it was below!

What strange thing does your kid want for Christmas? Share in the comments and check out the pictures of Emma Kelly with Santa.


Also, J-Si shared a BuzzFeed list of strange things kids asked Santa for. Here are our favorites . . .

  • “A remote control buffalo.”

  • “A unicorn that poops rainbows.”

  • “Change my name to Batman.”

  • “A lifetime supply of peanut butter so my dog will lick my face forever.”

  • “To know how elves reproduce.”

  • “A gumball machine filled with avocados.”

  • “To destroy all Backstreet Boys CDs.”

  • “For the neighbor lady to stop coming over when my mom is at work.”

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