So, I told hunny #2 that I let her sweaty feet make the radio… and she was 100% cool with that. I like the fact that she doesn’t take herself too serious. Sure, I took a chance letting that secret out of the bag but she had no problem with it whatsoever. Thank God that I met someone that sees the glass half full and not half empty and someone that can not just see the negative side of a situation. What a relief. I have dated some girls in the past that would have hit the roof if I let a “secret” story out on the air. Remember the “hot jogger” girl that stopped speaking to me after I told the story about us going to church and then to the zoo? Geez. Anyway, I felt like Kellie Rasberry last night. I watched 2 hours of Dancing with the Stars. And I have to let my boy Gavin Degraw know that he didn’t do too bad. Especially considering that he can’t dance a lick. He will be the first to admit that. He was clearly out of his element. And what’s up with this William Levy dude? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that much applause for anyone on this show. Ok, he’s a good looking dude. I’m secure enough to say that, and the guy judges as well as the female judge all wanted to jump on his bones. “They were all equally as well.” I’m by no means an expert on this show but this looks like it’s going to be an excellent season. Oh, by the way. Martina Navratalova was the worst in my opinion. Wow, she wasn’t good. Isn’t she the tennis player that use to be a man? I asked hunny #2 this last night and she had no idea. While I was watching Dancing With The Stars last night, I thought I would go ahead and complete my transformation into womanhood. I posted on facebook, “I need a manicure/pedicure. Any guys wanna join me?” This was an honest observation as well as an honest invitation. This Saturday, I’ve decided to have a guys day out. We’re gonna start at the nail salon and get our mani/pedis and then we’re gonna go to my bar and drink beer and watch basketball. That’s a serious guy day out right there.