Fleek Words with Intern Justin
Fleek Words with Intern Justin

Intern Justin joined the show this morning to let us know the most current lingo. Check it out below!

  1. BOOST: Attracting attention to yourself. It’s a type personality. It is some low-key shade. They are saying you are too much!
  2. LOW-KEY: Just a note to know. Don’t bring much attention to it, but it needed to be said.
  3. GRIP: Stay with me, hold on, wait for it! Say give me the grip I’m about to make my point. Usually said when someone is about to talk after you but you are not done yet.
  4. THOT: That Hoe Over There – A person who is dressed all-skimpy to attract people to their body.
  5. BIH: A way to say girl in an expressed tone. Came from the word B@$#& but it is more censored.
  6. DEAD: Laughing so hard and experiencing the great pleasure from what just happened!
  7. LIVING: You are so extremely happy because something great happened that it made life better.
  8. SIPS TEA: So you heard about T or “What’s the T”
    T – being truth or gossip.
  9. COME FOR AND SEND FOR: Come for someone means to tell a person how you feel about them or point out their flaws to them. Send for someone is asking a person for critics or feedback.
  10. BEAT: Refereeing to makeup. Means you got a lot of makeup on. Can be good or bad.