Thank YOU Benjamin For Your Service!
Thank YOU Benjamin For Your Service!

As part of our Salute to Veterans, today we honor Benjamin McCune. He spent so much time caring for others, he’s overdue for some me-time! Hear how he reacts to a surprise vacation, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

“Ben went to Afghanistan as a member of the 82nd Airborne division. While serving in some of the most dangerous areas he endured stuff that most of us can not even imagine. He lost his best friend as well as another friend to an ied explosion on 11/22/09. On 3/22/10 Ben was again involved in an ied explosion. This explosion led to the death of Carlos Santos Silva, a man that Ben looked to as a dad and still considers one of if not the most influential people in his life. This was also the explosion that broke Ben’s back and ended his military career. It has been a long journey after the Army to get to where he is now; a single father of 2 kids just trying to do right by all the men he served with. He continues to feel the effects physically and mentally. As of late he has lost several men to suicide which has been brutal to navigate but I have watched him continue to grow into a great father and man that I know his guardian angels are proud of. I can’t think of a more deserving man”


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