Thank YOU Bryan For Your Service!
Thank YOU Bryan For Your Service!

As part of our Salute to Veterans, today we honor Bryan Senner. He spent so much time caring for others, he’s overdue for some me-time! Hear how he reacts to a surprise vacation, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

“I don’t know much about his time in the service, but Bryan is the most selfless human I know. He currently works for Central Oregon Veterans Ranch (a working Ranch that restores purpose and spirit to veterans of all ages), serves on his church council, volunteers at a food bank, and most importantly, is a loving husband, father, and friend. Bryan unexpectedly lost his dad this year, and while his light may be a bit dimmer right now, it still shines bright for those around him. I am honored to call him my friend, and to nominate him for this salute.”


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