As part of our Salute to Veterans, today we honor Daniel Valerio II. He spent so much time caring for others, he’s overdue for some me-time! Hear how he reacts to a surprise vacation, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

“I’ve known Daniel going on 3 years now. I’ve seen him towards the end of his military life, and have been with him during his transition into civilian life. He joined straight out of high-school. He felt a calling to enter into the Navy because he wanted to protect his family and serve his country in the process. Always wanting to help people, he became a corpsman. Working alongside doctors & nurses he grew into a role that was a mentor to young sailors and marines. He’s been a shoulder to those that have toed the line of suicide, and has bared the burden of assisting his family with financial assistance. He worked alongside wounded men and women for the Wounded Warriors Project here in San Antonio, and has called this place his home for 4 years. Now in the reserves, he works at QuikTrip overnight and juggles college life since he wants to be a physician assistant in orthopedics. He’s selfless, thoughtful & caring. I hope he can take a break to enjoy himself. He definitely deserves it.”

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