Thank YOU Rena For Your Service!
Thank YOU Rena For Your Service!

As part of our Salute to Veterans, today we honor Rena Piper. She spent so much time caring for others, she’s overdue for some me-time! Hear how she reacts to a surprise vacation, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

“Persevere and serve define Rena Piper. After high school, Rena enlisted in the US Army. She served as Military Police Officer and acted as a Family Readiness Liaison. Her service included a deployment to Kosovo, during the time of service from April, 2002 to August 2004. After being discharged she has continued to volunteer and serve supporting military veterans in her workplace–The University of Texas at Dallas–through involvement as Vice President of Military Veteran and Employee Resource Group and Veterans Advisory Council.

Rena persevered through homelessness as a teenager, military service, and single parenthood, to complete her undergraduate degree as a part-time student while working full-time. Recently her passions have turned her efforts–all the while working full-time and supporting a growing family–toward the goal of attaining her law degree to advocate for causes and support others.

She is worthy of honor for her accomplishments and service to others.”


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