The Best Boyfriend Season
The Best Boyfriend Season

We discussed the best things about having a fall boyfriend. What season do you prefer to have a significant other? Check it out and share below!

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  1. You have someone to go apple-picking with even though it makes you *that couple*.
  2. Having someone to help you eat the ridiculous number of baked goods you make after said fruit-picking.
  3. Halloween couples costumes like whoa.
  4. Boys in sweaters = heaven. Is there anything cuter than a boy in a sweater?
  5. Knowing that when you’re around him, he would gladly give you his coat, hat, scarf, and ~*cute boy sweater*~ if you forgot yours or need additional ones
  6. Having a Netflix binge partner for when it’s too cold for you to want to go outside.
  7. When he wears a flannel and you two automatically match because you both live in flannels.
  8. Having someone to carve weird things into pumpkins with.
  9. Someone to appreciate how good your butt looks in dem jeans.
  10. Knowing there’s a distinct possibility that he will grow a cozy fall beard.
  11. You guys can play in leaves together and people will be like, “Aw, young love,” instead of, “Oh, god, there’s a sad single adult playing in leaves.”
  12. He’s basically a walking furnace you can plug into whenever you want to.
  13. You have someone to go to countless painfully boring family events with.
  14. Winter is going to be a cuddly, never-leave-the-house-ever, nonstop awesome-town thrill ride.