The cast discusses individual artists’ riders and shares what would be in their backstage riders. What would be in your rider? Check it out and share yours in the comments below!



Diet Pepsi
Boiled peanuts
Bottled water
New toilet seat


Tropical Starburst and Skittles
A liter of horchata
Three squirrels (alive)
A PlayStation with FIFA and Madden video games 5.
Four bean bags. (one for me, and one for each squirrel)


Shaved ice machine
Green juice/fruit bar
Massage/stretcher (literal stretching)
Someone whose job it is to make just dope playlists
Hairbo gummi bears

Big Al

Hot female bartender on call
Hot dog walker for Curtis
Hot Vanity eyeglasses cleaner person
Hot Personal Barber who looks like Jennifer Lopez to give me Hot Towel shave with a straight edge razor
Hot Wings