The Challenges Of Being A Single Parent
The Challenges Of Being A Single Parent

Jennifer nominated Tori and she could use some extra love this holiday season. Hopefully this helps a little!

Read the letter below and hear from other deserving families HERE!

“Tori is a single mom barely making paycheck to paycheck. This year has been real hard. One birthday was November 1st and another is in December. Currently she has not been able to get gifts. There are several families out there in this situation, her story is not above anyone’s. Currently she sees her kids going to their dad’s Christmas day is good because she doesn’t have to worry. However as a mom, that is a day that is hard to ignore and not get your kids anything because they don’t know or understand a parents struggle. She works hard at work and at home for her kids. It would be an absolute gift to be able to lift her burden of not being able to buy her kids gifts.”


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