Nu chick and I had a brief talk yesterday. Looks like things are all good. “Talks” are always kind of weird. And she was thinking I was wanting to talk to put an end to our brief relationship. And I was just really wanting to hang out a little. Ok, maybe I did want to talk a little bit. But nothing heavy. Anyway, questions were asked and answered and all is good with the world. Flight reservations are intact.

How come girls always say that their house is messy when the only thing wrong is that they haven’t dusted in over 48 hours or there is a towel laying on the counter. One thing that I noticed was one of the shoes that I bought her last week has already been chewed up by her dog. I was on last week and I bought her a pair of TOMs shoes. Nothing fancy. Just the basic black canvas ones. And I think the dog chewed them up before she even got to wear them. BAD DOG!

Ok, yes, I like to buy stuff for girls. Don’t hate. Its all a part of the Big Al Dating Package. Week one, you probably get all the drinks that you can at my bar. Week two, you get all of the drinks again plus a couple dinners at one of my regular restaurants. Week three, all of the above PLUS a small gift like shoes or something. And week four, that’s when the jeans, or perfume kick in. looks like me and NU CHICK will be going to the mall today. The iphone, computer etc kick in during month two unless they are extremely Nice and Hot. And then, the next month, its Mexico. After that is when the drinks for her and her friends kinda kicks in or trying to hook the girlfriends up with a job or something like that. Its not that different than Multi Level Marketing. The person at the TOP is the one that gets the most stuff. but the others enjoy some benefits too. I like to cal that a win-win-win-win!

So that’s the Big Al Dating Package. Feel free to email me at