Guess what?!?!?! Oprah called! Ok, not Oprah herself, it was the lady that I was talking to when all of this started going down. The good news is that she was not the one I called when I left that unfortunate voicemail. The conversation did get awkward when that was brought up. It went a lil something like this:

Cast: OL (Oprah Lady) and Me (me)

Producer: J-Si

Script: J-Si

Creator: J-Si

Props: nobody

Casting: J-Si

OL- so what happened? we havent heard from you.

Me- I called Jennifer back and left her a message.

OL- you did?

Me- Yeah, I did.

OL- did you state your name and phone number in the message.

Me- yeah… unfortunately.

OL- you are so funny.

Me- I guess she didnt tell you about the message?

OL- No.

Me- Awesome.

The call continued after that, but I will not give you the full on transcript because she started asking me what I was wearing and stuff.

But that’s the proof right there. The Jennifer girl definitely heard what she was not supposed to have heard. Or maybe she didn’t, maybe the voicemail was skipped over for some miraculous reason. Anyways, according to my contact, Oprah really likes my story… so she is looking at other options instead of the new show that they are trying to launch on her network. I don’t know what that means, but Oprah knows about my story! Or she could be telling me that to make me feel cool. Well, it worked! Either way, my Oprah dream is still alive. So what’s next? They will call me today or tomorrow and give me the run down on whats going on. Oh, and they have been talking to my mom, who is still on board. I am starting to wonder if that is why she still wont contact me. If that’s the case, I may be a little upset by that.

In other news… we think Cason has his first ear infection. The dude did not sleep much this weekend. He would only sleep about 20 minutes during his naps and he only slept 1:30 at the most at night. It was a rough weekend. You know what I realized? Kinsey and I get into fights in the middle of the night, but we don’t really remember them the next morning because we get into these things while we are half asleep. I think we should set up a camera and watch them the next morning. I woke up on the couch on Sunday, and I didn’t really remember why I was on the couch. I remember going to the couch, but I don’t know what caused me to go there. haha. Good times.

Moral of the story: don’t sleep on the spot where your dog peed if you get sent to the couch… you will wake up with pee hair.