I may have gotten a bit stir crazy being in the house yesterday, so I decided that I could handle taking the dogs on a walk… with Cason. I could barely handle the dogs when I didnt have to trek it with a stroller, but I tried anyway. Theres a lil “park” by my house. It’s actually just a patch of grass with half a fence. This means you have to keep an eye on your dogs/kids because they could wander into the street. So we are there, I am helping Cason stand on the grass, he is loving it, dogs are running around having a good time… and then the squirrel from hell showed up. He wanted to play, and he wanted to play now. I noticed him before my dogs did. Luckily one out of two dogs listen to me, so I was able to put the leash on Dexter. Am I irresponsible for letting them out of their leash so they could run around? Maybe, but that makes me a cool doggy dad. Delilah, on the other hand, knows that when I want to put the leash on her we : A. are going home or B. there’s something I don’t want her to play with (dog, squirrel from hell, cat). She ended up finding the squirrel. We had a bit of a standoff. I put Cason in his stroller, slowly, as the dog and the squirrel stared at me. Once he was secured in there, they were off! Delilah is chasing the squirrel, and I am chasing after Delilah telling her to stop. If she catches this guy, its game over for him, and for me, because I am sure she would need to get tested for some sort of disease. As I am running around, I end up tripping on a freaking branch, and falling… this caused Delilah to stop, which caused the squirrel to stop. They stared at me until I got back up, my jeans now have a freaking grass stain… so now I can’t wear them again before washing them, and that probably helps save the planet because I don’t wash after every wear. But at least the chase was over… until I got up. Then it was on again. I did end up catching my dog, but the damage was done. The kids from the lil private elementary school saw me fall. My jeans got dirty. My son laughed at me.

Oprah update: My contact called me yesterday… looks like my taping got pushed back, but “it is still going to happen.” Before we hung up she said Oprah really likes my story… so I asked her flat out: “wait, so Oprah knows who I am?” She replied with “absolutely! she has said your name many times. She has been to your website, and she has seen your facebook.” Fo real?!?!?!? That was the coolest thing I have heard since the nurse said, “it’s a boy!” I bet Oprah is saying my name right now!