Oh man, I think the Oprah people are not very turned on by the fact that Kinsey and I don’t have a house anymore… I got a call from the field producer, who will be flying in, and when I told her we did not have a home at the moment, her tone changed. On one side, I understand that it may make their job a lil more difficult. That sucks, lots of changes to their plan are probably happening. On the other side, we don’t have a house, we are struggling, and we are stressed beyond belief… so you would think that they would tread lightly with showing their dismay over having to change things up. haha. I am going to blame it on the fact that this has been a long process and they really want to get the ball moving. Unfortunately, the tree beat the ball, and now the ball has to move around the tree. Does that make sense? No? Good.

Today we will be having a visitor! My bio sis is coming in, all the way from Mexico City! So we will have another adult in our little hotel room, but we will make it work. Also, how do I entertain an 18-year-old girl? She is a pretty calm person, so I think she just wants to chill and enjoy some rest. At least I hope that is the case because we are, unfortunately, going to be super busy taking care of this house business.

Speaking of the house… there is a lil light coming out of this dark cloud. Our landlord lady wants to meet up after getting our request. She finally got people at the house, but to me it’s too late. For Kinsey, on the other hand, its not. Like I have said before, Kinsey hates any sort of change… so if we have our lawyers sit down and have this ready to go by the end of the week, I am down to stay, but if that doesn’t happen… we are gone. Just to cover everything, I get to go house hunting today with our agent. Problem is that there are no houses for rent… why? Because its not really renting time. Last thing I want to do is move back into an apartment and have to take the dang dogs out by going down a bunch of stairs every few hours. My dogs have a small bladder, like Kidd… so they have to pee a lot.

Bonus awesomeness: when Kinsey got back from work yesterday, I got Cason to finally LMFAO. I have gotten him to LOL, but this was an LMFAO. Big time! Kinsey, is still struggling with that business. One day, it will come.