Chasing Life star Italia Ricci made a BuzzFeed list of things twenty-year-olds must do. What would you add to the list? Check it out and share in the comments below!


Things You Must Do In Your Twenties

  1. Be kissed at the top of a ferris wheel.
  2. Declare every food in the world “fat-free” for a day.
  3. Compliment a total stranger.
  4. Karaoke.
  5. See the Northern Lights!
  6. Ride the Titanic II.
  7. Pay it forward!
  8. Complete a marathon! (mini’s count)
  9. Scream from a mountain top!
  10. Whale watch.
  11. Volunteer. (not because you have to)
  12. Don’t put pants on for an entire weekend!
  13. Cook something from scratch!
  14. Watch all the Star Wars movies.
  15. Get on a game show.
  16. Do something that scares you.
  17. DIY every birthday card you give for a year.
  18. Take yourself out on a date.

List credited to Chasing Life star Italia Ricci. View it HERE.