With Breaking Bad coming to an end, what else will fans watch? Well, we’ve found 10 great videos that every Breaking Bad fan will love… and hasn’t probably seen yet! Caution: Lots of spoilers!

Did you miss Miley Cyrus’ appearance on Breaking Bad? This is genius!

This one is long, but Jimmy Fallon does a parody of the entire series… but instead of cooking Meth, they’re cooking up Jokes! Some great cameos too!

Breaking Bad + Children’s Musical. Wow.

Ever wonder who lives in Walter White’s house in real life? Meet the sweet older lady.

The Simpson’s did an entire minute-long Breaking Bad parody!

Lego Batman. Lego Harry Potter. Now a Lego Breaking Bad video game? Someone put a lot of work into this!

Honest Trailers created a very long trailer for the show that’ll make you laugh!

Remember the time Jesse Pinkman was on The Price is Right? See Aaron Paul’s appearance on the game show!

What if Breaking Bad was on TGIF? Check out the show remade as a sitcom!

Aaron Paul’s audition tape. This is what Vince Gilligan saw before offering the untrained actor the biggest role of his career.

Which one was your favorite?