Top Ten Reasons it’s Great To Be Single
Top Ten Reasons it’s Great To Be Single

Jenna has recently become an individual… #JennaGotDumped and she shared the top ten reasons why it’s great to be single. Check it out and share your own thoughts in the comments below!

  • 10. You can skip dinner, then eat cookies and no one sees.

  • 9. You can throughly enjoy being 3rd, 5th, 7th, and even 9th (yes that’s happened) wheel.

  • 8. You can join JDate (Jewish singles community online)

  • 7. You can watch 3 episodes of Sex and the City, all of which you’ve seen at least 5 times, and ball your eyes out.

  • 6. You don’t have to concern yourself with rinsing all of the toothpaste out of the sink – though that might have contributed to you getting dumped in the first place.

  • 5. No one is around to hear your dog’s farts but you.

  • 4. You can spray tan on any day you want with no future planning. No one is around to smell you or judge your stickiness.

  • 3. You can wear your ugly sweatpants to bed.

  • 2. You can have at least 100 totally inappropriate selfies to send someone new because you never sent the last guy any. But don’t send naked pics. You will never find yourself saying, “awww, man. I totally should have sent him photos of me without clothes on.”

  • 1. That wax can wait another week!… or two.