It is really cool watching the 2 athletes this year that have underdog backgrounds and have risen above. No one thought Tim Tebow would have success in the NFL but he showed them. And what was everyone doing by the end of the season? Kneeling down to do the Tebow. And now, Jeremy Lin has taken over. Knicks tickets are at an all time high price. This dude was hired and fired by 2 different teams this year and a few months ago, he was sleeping on his brothers couch… now he is on the cover of Sports Illustrated…twice!

I have 2 TVs and neither one is working right. when is the last time you called a tv repair guy? Is there still such a thing? When is the last time you saw a truck with “TV REPAIR” on the side of it? And taking it off of the wall doesn’t really look easy. I have 30 tv’s in my sports bar and they are all working perfectly. And I have 2 tv’s in my house and they are both broken. And they are both less than a year old. One has no volume and one has no picture. Back in the day, if this happened at my momma’s house when I was growing up, we would just stack one of them on top of the other. Is it cheaper to just get a new tv?


I’m 9 pounds away from my new truck. I can smell the new truck smell already! In case you’re keeping track at home, when I get my weight down to 220, I’m getting a new truck! I’m so excited!