This whole wasp thing is getting a little nutty now. I get home from work yesterday to find a new nest being built about 5 feet from my front door. So what do I do? I google wasps to learn about them. I found out that they tend to be pretty aggressive and will definitely sting you more than once. Why can’t they keep it real like the bees and let their stingers go on their first sting? Luckily, Cason and I made it into the house unharmed. I decided to be a good husband, by throwing out the trash. It may have not been my decision, and Kinsey may have complained about it for the last three days, but I finally decided to do it… mostly because I think Kinsey is about to start PMSing, and ain’t nobody got time for that. So I go into the backyard, with trash bags in hand, open my back gate and guess who greeted me there? A nice little swarm of wasps. Did I drop the bags, scream, and run around my back yard slapping my body as if I were on bath salts? Yup. But its ok because I was in my back yard and nobody saw me, unlike the day before.

This time my next door neighbor came over to check on me though. He heard me scream and run around. Apparently, he was sitting on his porch reading the paper, and enjoying the heat. I told him I was fine and his response was, “that was a pretty loud scream, are you sure?” I hope Cason doesn’t learn from me when it comes to insects. I suck at being manly.

Also Kinsey and I got some toys from my friend’s company. I stayed back with Cason while Kinsey went out there to pick some stuff out. Why did Kinsey get to go? Because she says that I would have been annoying and would have stayed there for hours playing with the toys… she is correct. But she did bring back some cool baby toys for Cason, and a couple toys for me.

Speaking of Cason, here is his lil update: the letting the dude cry it out at night so that he learns how to sleep through the night experiment is working. He woke up at 2 am this morning, and went back to sleep. Boom! He also can sit up on his own now! I only let him do that on the bed because he does have a big head and tends to fall over sometimes. Boom!