Wedding Etiquette
Wedding Etiquette

The Selfie Queen, Elena Davies, joins the show to talk about the rules of wedding etiquette. Check it out below!


  • If the envelope has your name plus guest, you get a plus 1
  • If the envelope has just your name, you don’t get a plus 1
  • If the envelope has your kids name or “family,” you can bring them
  • If the RSVP card has you write in the number of guests attending, you can bring someone, don’t bring several people
  • If the invite was just addressed to you, it is almost NEVER okay to call the bride and ask if it is okay to bring a guest
  • You don’t have to say yes
  • RSVP has soon as you can
  • People always put off the RSVP til the last minute or avoid it altogether, the number of people attending is imperative for the bride to know during planning
  • If you RSVP yes, go to the dang wedding


  • If you went to the bridal shower, you don’t have to bring a gift to the wedding
  • If you can’t make the wedding, according to etiquette, you don’t have to send a gift. I think you should (make the call based on who the couple is)
  • Do you have to follow the registry? You should


  • Look up the wedding venue
  • Do not wear white ever or anything close to it no no no no