It is very important to vote today but to lighten the mood, we vote on other important things!

  • Phone Calls or Text Messages
  • Dogs or Cats
  • Netflix or Hulu
  • Nice Car or Nice House

Plus, J-Si shared the following piece of advice…

“After the elections are over, your neighbors will still be your neighbors. Trump won’t be there to ring up your groceries; your neighbors will. Biden won’t be there to fix your car or help you out with yard work; your neighbors will. Both Trump and Biden will still be in their wealthy political world, and the rest of us will be in ours. They’ll both be doing their thing, while you and I live together, work together, learn together, shop together, eat together, worship together, and pump our gas next to one another. We the people are what makes a country great. We are the ones who choose to be decent, loving, caring & compassionate human beings. Vote for whomever, but always choose kindness.”




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