Despite the thrashing that shows like The Bachelor get, people continue to want to be on them. I went down to the auditions last night for The Bachelor and the women showed up in force. 24-25 seemed to be the median age. One question that I asked most of them was… do you honestly think you could find True Love in a reality show? Actually, most of them seemed pretty optimistic with their chances. And most of the women also seemed to not be bothered by the fact that even though the bachelor may make out with another chick 10 minutes prior to their date, they would still make out with him 10 minutes later.

Ok, so my thing is why do they get so upset when we do it in “Real Life?” does this mean if I just had someone following me around with a camera, I could kiss all over one girl and then go to the other side of the club and kiss on another one? NO…so, sure the Bachelor takes the group on exotic trips all over the world and feeds them drinks all day and night. I can take you to Playa del Carmen and get you just as drunk at the Beer Bucket. And I would think you would have a much better chance at true love on a trip to Mexico with me than you would with this cheesy show. And I guess in true “Bachelor” form, at the end of our trip if things didn’t go well, I could say to the girl, “I’m sorry Kimberly, grab your bag and say your goodbye’s” and she would just leave.

Man, there’s no way. Girls would hate me. I don’t think they would ride away in the cab after a 3 day weekend and cry all the way to the airport while asking themselves “Why?”