Will Lindsay Lohan dance her way into our hearts?
Will Lindsay Lohan dance her way into our hearts?

Arnold Schwarzeneggar is back….Joe Jonas loses his cool…Chris Brown gets swatted and will Lindsay Lohan put on her dancing shoes for reality TV?

“The Last Stand” could BE the last stand for Arnold Schwarzenegger literally. Who wants to see a 65-year-old action star you can barely understand? Apparently, not a lot of people. His latest movie opened this weekend with just over $6 million in ticket sales for a 10th place finish. Coming in first over the long MLK weekend, the horror movie, “Mama,” which earned just over $33 million. In second place was “Zero Dark Thirty” with $18.7 million. And — interesting to note — Jessica Chastain starred in both movies.

What’s up Joe Jonas’ butt? This college student told RadarOnline.com that he and his friends saw Joe and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, standing outside a restaurant in NYC. They decided to go ask for a picture, but as they were approaching, they noticed Joe trying to hide the cigarette he was smoking and shaking his head no. They decided to ask for a picture anyway, and that’s when — he claims — Joe snapped, “We do so much for you. We do everything and you want a picture? Get out of here.”

Rihanna and some friends went to check out Dane Cook a the Laugh Factory on Friday. When the check came, it was for $80. Rihanna asked the waiter, “What’s the biggest tip you ever got?” He said it was a hundred bucks. At that point, Rihanna put $200 in his hand and said, “Now I’M your biggest tip!”

Cops responded to a domestic incident at Chris Brown’s home in the Hollywood Hills! And it involved a gun! But it didn’t involve Chris Brown. In fact, there was no incident at all. It was another swatting prank. Somebody called 911 and said a mother and a father were in a fight and the dad went to another room to get a gun — and that’s when the caller hung up. No mention was ever made that it was Chris’ house. But when police arrived, there was nothing going on. Chris wasn’t even there. .

Lindsay Lohan reportedly turned down over half a million dollars to be on “Dancing with the Stars.” A source says producers approached her several times, with their final offer being $550K. But Lindsay is telling friends that she would never even consider doing this show or any other reality TV. She’s sticking to movies. Meantime, Lindsay still has something going on with Max George from The Wanted. Even though Max has called her a groupie, Lindsay just tweeted a photo of them in what appears to be a bedroom.