Apparently, there has been some confusion about the contest that I have come up with to go to Los Angeles to the Katy Perry Pool Party. So I will try to clarify. The prize here at stake is, like I said, a trip to L.A.. and if you are going to go to L.A. to hang at a pool party, you need to be somewhat in Pool Shape, right? So, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for our entrants to show us what they look like in bikinis. No, you don’t HAVE to be a Hottie but it would help. But for the NOT AS HOT people, be creative. People that aren’t as attractive have know this for years. The Not As Hots ALWAYS work harder than the Hots! We even had a contest about this very thing a few years ago. It was called the Hots vs NOTs. OK, it was actually called HOT vs Smart. But my theory remains intact. The team that wasn’t HOT as the other team used their smarts and creativity, ie brains, to compete their opponent. Sure, I was pulling for team hot. But that isn’t the point. I’m a single, superficial, Guy. We know this. Now get off your butts and enter this contest and show me that whether you are hot or not, you deserve a trip to L.A..

Now that we are doing this Life Changing Decision thing, it seems that everyday, I come in contact with someone that has a Life Decision to make. This time, it’s a close friend that has decided to move away from her friends and return to the town that her family lives in. (I can’t really talk a lot about this on the air because this friend has not let her other friends or employer know of her plans yet.) My point is we all have these LCD’s going on on a regular basis. Let us know if we can help us with yours.