Big Al’s Blog: Anyone want to buy a bar in Mexico?
Big Al’s Blog: Anyone want to buy a bar in Mexico?

The Oscars have come and gone and one thing remains. The Oscars are the most boring of all the award shows. Sure, Seth MacFarland did fine but I guess by definition, it has to be boring. It’s an award show. What could possibly be interesting, huh? The celebs were looking great for the most part. I have no idea where Samuel Jackson got that suit. But I guess the big news as far as we are concerned is the fact that “Lincoln” did not win and Kidd has to pay Kellie $1,000. That’s going to be awesome. I guess I’m not the only one on the show that has lost a huge bet in the last couple of weeks.

Every couple of months, it seems like I go a week or so where I can’t sleep. That was the case last night. I went to bed as soon as the Oscars were over but I didn’t get much sleep. In fact, my eyes have not been closed since around midnight. Maybe, it’s a bit of stress. I know the bar in Mexico has been weighing heavy on my mind. My manager, Edith, is about to quit. That is pretty much going to be a serious problem. I will have to send someone down there to see what all needs to be done to move forward but since she is the person that has pretty much run the whole thing, this is not good. Hiring a new manager will be hard to do. The business itself does pretty well but without a good manager, who knows what will happen? So, I need to hire a new manager but I’m going to have to do that without seeing the person face to face or the other option is to just sell the bar. Even though I don’t want to do that, it may be time. Then again, I was always told you sell a business when you want to sell it and not when you need to sell it. UGH, decisions, decisions! Anyone want to buy a bar in Playa del Carmen?

commonWell, its day 5 of the “Common” beard experiment. Doctor/girlfriend said a few days ago that I should let my beard grow out like Common, the rapper. She denies that she actually said that but that’s what I heard. However she phrased it, I don’t think she thought that I would actually do it. Anyway, I haven’t had facial hair in years but I’ll give it a try this week to see what happens. Then again, maybe people should listen more when their significant other makes “suggestions.” I’ve never really been one to do a lot of “changing” for the other person but I’ll try anything once.


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