I would like to start this off by saying that I don’t believe I have a problem. Ok, now that I have said it, we can continue. See, here’s the thing… we work on a show, where we all have to watch what we say. Yes, we do say dumb, crazy, unintelligent things from time to time. That’s normal. Everyone says something they immediately regret. It’s part of being human. Even though we say those dumb things, we manage not to curse on the radio. It’s easier for some people. I personally don’t think I have a potty mouth, but I do enjoy blurting out the occasional bomb from time to time when I am with friends. I don’t know why, but I think that a well placed bad word, makes something funnier, or it can accent an emotion you are feeling. But, we also have the curse words that are blurted, vomited, and scared out of us.

I have already had one incident with Cason at the store, when he responded to a compliment from a stranger by saying “buck yeah!” We still don’t know where he got this one. Well, next time it happens, I will know exactly where he got it from… and I will raise my guilty hand now. We were in the kitchen, having a good time, cooking some lunch as a family. Cason was walking around with his ball, throwing it, laughing, pulling my gym shorts down. That’s a new thing he learned to do, and it makes him crack up for some reason. As I am walking across the room I end up dropping my knife, which is pretty dangerous for someone not wearing shoes, so I naturally let out an “s” bomb. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. If I drop a knife near my feet, I will drop an “s” bomb 93% of the time. Yes, I held a study.

Without skipping a beat, Cason repeated his father. I am his father, so that means he repeated my “s” bomb. Kinsey looked up at me, with wide eyes, and said, “did he just say ‘s***’?” I still was not sure, but then he started running around the kitchen island with his guitar screaming it… over, and over, and over. Luckily, he is young, so he will forget… right?!?! He went down for a nap. Crisis is over. When Cason wakes up, he likes to do a lil babble, and a lil scream thing, and some laughing. After he does that, he calls for mamma or dadda. casoncribThis time he woke up, and we could hear him yelling “s***!” It’s hard not to laugh at your 1-year-old when they are saying a bad word, but you can’t. If you laugh, they keep doing it. So I picked him up out of his crib, he smacked me with his stuffed animal, for no reason, and said it again. So for the next couple days, we are just going to avoid taking him out to extremely populated areas. This too shall pass…and my curse words are now going to have to be substituted by funny, cute, child friendly words like “oh shasha!”